Legend of Prince Valiant

Season 2 Episode 14

The Tree

Aired Unknown Unknown on Black Family Channel

Episode Recap

The neighboring towns of Harmony and Perkshire are in the middle of a violent feud over the fate of a magnificent tree called Adam's Oak. Things get so heated that Vesta, Harmony's spokeswoman, calls Camelot to send an army to wipe out Crassis and his merchants. King Arthur sends an army of three – Prince Valiant, Rowanne, and Sir Bryant – to get the opposing sides to listen to each other and reach an understanding. Bryant is delayed when his horse throws a shoe, so Valiant and Rowanne ride ahead and convince the various farmers and merchants to return to their neglected duties. Valiant informs a furiously self-righteous Vesta and a coldly stubborn Crassis that he intends on hearing both of their arguments and giving his decision the following day. Vesta opens up to Rowanne and explains that Harmony was founded under Adam's Oak and celebrates most of its weddings under its branches. As for Crassis, he tells Valiant that Perkshire needs a new bridge in order to reach markets faster and avoid an economic crisis; Adam's Oak is in the only spot that is structurally sound enough to support the bridge. Although Valiant respects the historic significance and beauty of the tree, he decides he cannot let it stand in the way of a positive advancement that will benefit both communities. Vesta is outraged with this decision and calls upon her new champion to face Valiant: Sir Bryant. Valiant is thunderstruck that Bryant is willing to fight him to the death over this tree until his friend reveals that years ago he buried his murdered wife and son beside it. Only Crassis remains unmoved by Bryant's tragic tale – the tree is set on fire yet is miraculously saved by a sudden rainstorm. In the end, Valiant devises a compromise that calls for Adam's Oak to be incorporated into the design of the bridge, and Bryant attends the dedication ceremony in order to pay homage to the preserved grave of his beautiful Jasmine and darling little boy.