Legend of Prince Valiant

Season 1 Episode 5

The Trust

Aired Unknown Sep 29, 1991 on Black Family Channel
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The Trust
While renovating the ruins of the Castle Keep to suit their needs, the Trio is interrupted by a wild boar's attack. Valiant tracks the wounded animal and falls into some underground caves inhabited by an insane old Viking named Thor. Rowanne and Arn venture into the caves to save Valiant from Thor's death traps; for some reason Arn's behavior grows increasingly erratic. Can our heroes survive long enough to learn why this aged Viking is waging war on them?moreless

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    • QUOTES (5)

      • (Rowanne shoots an arrow carrying a leather strap near Valiant)
        Valiant: "A little flamboyant are we not, Rowanne?"
        Rowanne: "What's wrong, my prince? Isn't it what you needed?"
        Arn: "Perhaps you frightened the noble warrior."
        Valiant: "It's clear that neither of you knaves appreciates the workings of genius!"
        Rowanne: "Mmm, let's put that genius to the test."

      • Valiant (to the Viking skeletons): "Although you men did not take my dagger, I'm going to have to ask you to provide its replacement. (the swords fall apart in his hands) It seems we are all warriors without weapons. And that, my friends, is a most dangerous situation."

      • Rowanne: "I've a feeling – something's wrong. There's danger."
        Arn (uncharacteristically annoyed): "Oh, don't go womanly on me! We don't have time for feminine feelings."
        (they dodge a runaway boulder and fall into a cavern)
        Rowanne: "Perhaps we have time for them now."

      • Arn: "I warn you Valiant, don't come near me! It was because of murders like him that I no longer have a home or parents! That I am forever to be an orphan, wandering and alone. I want to feel my bare hands on his throat. I want him to die! He is a Viking, the same as those that killed my parents. AND I WANT HIM TO DIE!!"
        Thor: "We have learned that the future is the way of Camelot! The killing must stop!"

      • Thor (dying): "You have courage and honor – I see it in your eyes. Please, do this for me, in the name of what is right. Fulfill my quest. (gasp) Take the ring to Camelot. (gasp) Tell them of the Viking wish for peace. (gasp) Begin at the waterfall. Heed the warrior's last words…."

    • NOTES (5)

      • Title card drawing: a bound book with Prince Valiant as the title on the cover.

      • The love triangle between Our Heroes is already starting to develop. It will become more explicit as the series progresses.

      • Flashbacks are used for the first time. In this case, they are flashbacks to events from before the series premiere that fill in a character's back story.

      • Viking relations and the Ring of State will be important plot points right up to the series finale.

      • Ongoing character traits: Valiant's status as leader and his sense of justice; Arn's blind rage when dealing with the death of a loved one; Rowanne's admiration of Valiant, intolerance of being belittled, and sense of justice; the Trio's teasing camaraderie and concern for each other.

    • ALLUSIONS (1)

      • There's a Viking named Tor in the comics too. He helps Prince Valiant on a mission to settle Viking unrest in Thule in Story 56.