Legend of Prince Valiant

Season 1 Episode 9

The Trust Betrayed

Aired Unknown Oct 27, 1991 on Black Family Channel



  • Trivia

    • The previous episode includes a conversation between Valiant and Merlin in the latter's underground laboratory. But in this episode, Merlin welcomes Valiant to his "humble abode" as if this is the first time the prince has been invited. Valiant himself seems unfamiliar with this fantastic subterranean lair.

    • Before the second commercial break, Valiant is seen putting a tankard to his lips. Immediately after the commercial break, he's still holding it up in a toast as Lady Morgana entices him to drink it.

    • King Arthur's mouth is abnormally large during his speech to Mordred at Satan's Rock.

  • Quotes

    • Valiant: That shield.
      Rowanne: What about it?
      Valiant: In some way that I cannot explain, it fills me with dread.

    • Valiant: Why is it everything Merlin lays his hand to must be so complicated?

    • Merlin: The impatience of youth.
      Valiant (startled): You do love surprises, don't you?
      Merlin: Surprises, my young friend, are the stuff of life itself.

    • Merlin: I have shown you nothing. You have simply looked upon the truth . . . and there are times that that can be a terrible and frightening thing.

    • Mordred: Let me give you some advice, young princling: never start a war without good reason, and never challenge an enemy you cannot defeat!

  • Notes

    • Characters introduced: Sir Mordred and Lady Morgana.

    • Title card drawing: a bound book with Prince Valiant as the title on the cover.

    • Queen Guinevere appears in this episode but has no dialog.

    • A flashback to Thor's cavern includes previously unseen footage of an old shield with the crest of a Rising Sun above an axe.

    • Valiant's vision of Mordred evokes his initial dream of Camelot through the imagery of the chess board.

    • Merlin's falcon appears twice in this episode. After the staff fight in the courtyard, it flies by Valiant and circles around Morgana's tower. It later crashes through one of the towers' windows and knocks a poisoned drink out of the prince's hands.

    • The Round Table is shown for the first time.

    • One of Camelot's entrances is known as the Merlin Gate.

    • Another flashback in this episode shows Sir Mordred saving King Arthur's life during the Battle of Satan's Rock. This battle took place before Camelot existed, yet the survivors still swore fealty to the kingdom.

    • Ongoing character traits: Valiant's devotion to truth; Rowanne's jealousy of Valiant's attentions to other women; Merlin's ability to analyze a situation and take preemptive measures; Arthur's fierce temper; Bryant's subtle teasing of Gawain.

    • The lesson of the episode: The search for truth does not always reveal something pleasant about those whom we admire and care about.

  • Allusions

    • Sir Mordred is King Arthur's son in the comics. He's introduced in Story 31, Page 500. Story 93 reveals that Sir Gawain is one of Mordred's half-brothers . . . therefore making him Arthur's nephew.

    • Lady Morgana is also a recurring villainess in the Prince Valiant comic strip, although there she goes by the name Morgan Le Fay. She is introduced in Story 8 as a sorceress whose powers can only be defeated by one of Merlin's spells.

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