Legend of Prince Valiant

Season 2 Episode 16

The Voyage

Aired Unknown Unknown on Black Family Channel

Episode Recap

At the last minute, Rowanne decides to accompany Valiant and Arn on their diplomatic mission to the Misty Isles so she can ensure Valiant won't spend any time alone with Princess Aleta. Valiant is anxious to prove to King Arthur that this mission can succeed; he fortunately has the support of Aleta, who cunningly appeals to King Hugo's ego in order to convince him to go through with the voyage. Once underway, Aleta asks a distant Rowanne to help her get closer to the prince by delivering a letter to him. This letter turns out to be an invitation to meet alone that night on the deck, and Valiant gets so wrapped up in expressing his feelings to a supportive Arn that he fails to notice how upset Rowanne is. The jealous woman winds up preventing the rendezvous by convincing Valiant to redirect the ship through extremely turbulent waters that make the princess seasick. Unfortunately, this faster course brings the ship in range of five rouge vessels under the command of Sir Mordred. Camelot's warship puts up a courageous assault before it is rammed by the enemy's flagship and damaged beyond repair. As Valiant rushes to save Aleta, Hugo, and Valarias (who drowns), Mordred sees the ship's standard and gathers the survivors onto his vessel. His insistence to the righteously angry Valiant that Arthur's diplomacy will be Camelot's undoing resonates strongly with Hugo's warrior instincts – the king later dines with Mordred and is receptive towards his proposal for an alliance against Arthur. Mordred outlines his plan to harbor his fleet in the Misty Isles' secluded shores while he gains enough followers in Camelot to use the threat of a civil war to scare Arthur off his throne. It is after King Hugo agrees that Valiant may have to be killed that a crewman named Will (who has spent weeks spying on Mordred for Arthur) excuses himself from the room in order to report the conspiracy to the prince. Will sadly does not hear Princess Aleta denounce the plot and proclaim her loyalty to Arthur's New Order. Rowanne, however, does manage to overhear Aleta's outburst before Hugo silences his daughter; when Rowanne joins Valiant, Arn, and Will she does nothing to alter Will's false impression that Aleta supports Hugo's alliance with Mordred.