Legend Of The Dragon

Toon Disney (ended 2009)




Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Heart of the Dragon
      The Emperor learns of a new dark relict that could give him the power he needs for world conquest: the Heart of the Black Dragon. Can the Golden Dragons destroy this relict before it's too late?
    • It's A Dog-Eat-Wolf World
      K-Ho goes to the wintry region and learns that a trio of ruthless men in a chopper are harassing the wolves for pleasure and for porfit, and noe she and Ang must stop them at all costs.
    • Gone Shadow Ape
      Gone Shadow Ape
      Episode 11
      Ang and Master Chin have learned where the Monkey band might be, so they decide to go investigate and leave the dojo to Ling and Beingal.
    • The Golden Baby-Sitter Blues
      Sabre-Claw destroys the temple of the Ox, so the ox guardian seeks assistance from Master Chin and the Dragons. It leads to a crazy adventure wioth many baby-sitting blues.
    • Friend or Foe
      Friend or Foe
      Episode 9
      Yin Wi is captured and is forced to hand over her powerband, but is it all really a ploy to get the Golden Dragon powers?
    • Spellbound
      Episode 8
      Yin Wi learns a new spell can put her over the top in terms of power, and now the Golden Dragons must unite to prevent her from succeding and giving her brother, the Emperor, the power he needs to conquer everything.
    • Rat Attack
      Rat Attack
      Episode 7
      Yin Wi has exhausted everyone with his recent attempts at the dragon power bands. When Ang collapses from exhaustion, the others must band together and figure out how to overcome the most recent attack.
    • A Horse of a Different Color
      The quest to check out the Shadow Temples is finally resumed, and the next temple being searched is supposedly in England: the Shadow Horse temple.
    • Shadow Tiger Take Two
      Wang Lee and Karin Kwan are creating a new movie, and they invite the Golden Dragons to watch. In order to make it there though, they'll have to test out a new craft of Ling's first.
    • Cats and Dogs and Dragons
      Dr. Beverly Wallis, a friend of Master Chin's, has gone missing and the Golden Dragons are given the quest to trace her tracks and find her.
    • Enter the Wolf
      Enter the Wolf
      Episode 3
      The temple of the Shadow Dragon reveals the locations of all the Shadow temples, so Ang and Ling decide to investigate them. Their first encounter introduces them to K-Ho, the guardian of the Shadow Wolf.
    • The Temple of the Shadow Dragon (2)
      Ang and Ling must learn the location of the Shadow Dragon temple and use its dark chi if they are to have any chance of keeping their powers and saving the rest of the world, but they are being led across the ocean. Meanwhile the Emperor heads to the Shadow rat temple in China to gain his true dark power.moreless
    • The Temple of the Shadow Dragon (1)
      The Emperor of the Darkest Yin destroys the dojo, along with the Temple of the Golden Dragon. Meanwhile, Xuan Chi gets turned into a monkey protecting Beingal. The Zodiac Master tries to join up with the Yin side, and the twin dragon bands create a hovercraft like ship.
  • Season 1