Legend Of The Dragon

Toon Disney (ended 2009)




Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • Trial by Fire (1)
      The time has come for a new Dragon guardian to be called, so a wise old sensei gathers our heores together, but will Ang or Ling become the chosen Dragon of legend?
    • Trial by Fire (2)
      Ling is disgusted that the Golden Dragon Power Band has chosen Ang, so the Zodiac Master offers Ling a choice, embrace the Power of the Darkest Yin and become the Shadow Dragon, or never have her powers bloom.
    • Eye on the Tiger
      Eye on the Tiger
      Episode 3
      The Golden Dragon is offically safe from the Zodiac Master and the Shadow Dragon, but Ang discovers he must protect all the other guardians, so they target the Tiger's Keeper. Can Ang manage to defeat his own sister and the Zodiac Master in battle at the same time when they possess the power of the tiger?moreless
    • Hero Worship
      Hero Worship
      Episode 4
      Beingal joins Ang in Hong Kong overpowering the Zodiac Master and Shadow Dragon, but when Ang's favorite actor comes to town, they decide to kidnap him so that the Golden Dragon is forced to appear. Can Ang continue to protcet the world when he's solely copying the martial arts moves of an actor?moreless
    • Terra Unfirma
      Terra Unfirma
      Episode 5
      Ling and the Zodiac Master capture the Dog and Ram Power Bands with the hopes of enpowering all of the Earth Power Bands. Now the Ox and Golden Dragon Power Bands are being targeted. Can Ang find a way to keep it safe?
    • Master of Sarcasm
      Master Chin tires of Ang's hot temper, so he sends him and Xuan Chi to a new Sensei hoping Ang can learn what it truly means to be the Golden Dragon.
    • Temple of Changes
      Ang begins to doubt if he was truly meant to be the Golden Dragon, and now he must fight his sef doubt of wanting to be a kid while heading to save the Ram power band.
    • Mind Bender
      Mind Bender
      Episode 8
      After Ang loses his memory, he is tricked into believing that he works for the Zodiac Master.
    • Chow Chow
      Chow Chow
      Episode 9
      Ang has been enduring his tests, but when Ling begins to wonder if the Zodiac Master is charging his band too much, she gets her own test from the Shadow Dragon past.
    • Monkey Mission
      Monkey Mission
      Episode 10
      Xuan Chi is having horrible nightmares about his powerband, so the quest to locate it and save it and the temple begins, but is their something more sinister after Xuan Chi?
    • The Emperor of the Darkest Yin
      After sneaking out to watch a Wang Li movie marathon and being discovered by Master Chin, Ang is challenged by the Red Chi Master, but what is he hiding?
    • The Last Dragon
      The Last Dragon
      Episode 12
      Ang is involved in a set of meditation exercises, but when two bands come to fall into danger, Ang decides to power up, but a mysterious man has arrived and empowers the band first. Is this another test for Ang, or is he no longer destined to be the Golden Dragon?moreless
    • Spy Hard
      Spy Hard
      Episode 13
      Ang is sent to assist the Rooster Guardian at protecting his temple, but little does he know it's a trap to remove him from his temple allowing a new sorcerer to corrupt it with yin. Can the Rooster and the Dragon work together to save the temple of the Golden Dragon?moreless
    • Sister Sister
      Sister Sister
      Episode 14
      The Shadow Dragon takes the Rabbit Power Band from the Rabbit Guardian, Hye. When Ang, Beingal, Xuan Chi, and Master Chin arrive at the Rabbit Temple, Hye reveals that the Rabbit Power Band is not intact, and that it is very dangerous for Ling to use it in its current state. Can the Golden Dragon save his sister from herself?moreless
    • Associating With Vermin
      The signs indicate the Rat Temple has been attacked, so Ang races to save the rat guardian Ming from Ling, but is he walking into a trap?
    • Shell Game
      Shell Game
      Episode 16
      Xuan Chi's monkey band is put on display as part of an ancient Chinesse exhibit, but the armor its attached to used to belong to the Emperor of the Darkest Yin. Can the gang get the band back, or will this armor steal all their bands?
    • Thief of Power
      Thief of Power
      Episode 17
      A former pig guardian is broken out of prison and decides to target Master Chin and Master Shun right as the pig power band is about to hybernate, but what is the reason he is targeting Master Chun?
    • Horse Play
      Horse Play
      Episode 18
      The Immortal Maiden steals the Horse power band prompting Ang, Master Chin and Xuan Chi to go to the rescue, but when the temple is revealed to be on a volcanic island, they'll find the challenge to be more than expected.
    • It's Always Darkest Before Xuan
      Xuan Chi, anxious to find his Monkey Power Band searches out and Empowers the Shadow Monkey Power Band. Will the Golden Dragon be able to save him from his newly destructive behavior?
    • Venom
      Episode 20
      Zodiac Master sends his pet snake, King Cobra to figth against Cobra and the other guardians. Can Ang manage to learn that King Cobra has disguised himself as with the snake band before it's too late, or will Ling have to save her brother?
    • Empower the Darkest Ling
      The Emperor of the Darkest Yin takes over Ling's body, and now Ang must find a way to save his sister while the Shadow bands are being collected.
    • Hair of the Dog
      Hair of the Dog
      Episode 22
      A scientist invents a collar that will turn humans into dogs, and now Ang and Ling must combine forces with the dog guardian to restore order.
    • X-Games Guardians
      X-Games Guardians
      Episode 23
      A young girl, while trying to fit in with two skateboarders steals the already stolen Ram Power Band from the Shadow Dragon and the Zodiac Master. When trying to fit gets her in trouble at the Ox Temple , Ang, Beingal, Xuan Chi, and Ling show up to help. Can the Golden Dragon, The Tiger, and Xuan Chi outwit two skateboarding thieves?moreless
    • Lost and Found
      Lost and Found
      Episode 24
      Ang and Ling learn that their mother was a former ox guardian and that she is still alive, but when the Zodiac Master learns of this he decides to target her to gain Ang's power.
    • Monkey See Monkey Do
      The Zodiac Master has claimed the Monkey Power Band after being possessed by the Emperor of the Darkest Yin, so Xuan Chi dons a mask of evil that turns him into an ape to reclaim his band, but can he keep his humanity with this new form?
    • Double Dragon
      Double Dragon
      Episode 26
      The Zodiac Master is able to claim four bands: the ram, ox, snake and rooster, and now he can revive the Emperor of the Darkest Yin. With Ang injured, it may be up to Ling and Beingal to stop this threat, but will Ling do so with the powers of darkness, or is a new destiny about to be born for her?moreless
  • Season 2