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    It is once again, the period of reflection and every temple guardian must reflect upon their minds. But things take a turn for the worse, when the Emperor of the Darkest Yin begins his plan to defeat the Golden Dragon. During meditation, Ang, Ling, Bengal and Xuan Chi all seem to be at their most vulnerable. Which is something the emperor takes advantage of, he uses his magic to enter the minds of the four guardians. Causing a problem that seems impossible-for each of them.In Ling's mind,she must do battle with her former form, the Shadow Dragon. In Bengal's mind, she fight her-greatest fear, that her power band would take a life of-it's own. Xuan Chi must relive his trauma of loosing his power band to those tomb raiders. And finally, Ang must face the Emperor of the Darkest himself, who has used Ang's mind to retrieve his dragon power-band. Will Ling, Bengal and Xuan Chi be able to overcome their personal demons? And more importantly, will Ang be able to survive being beaten half to death by the Emperor of the Darkest Yin and retrieve his power band?

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