Legend Of The Dragon

Toon Disney (ended 2009)





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  • Perfect Show

    A Lenda do Dragão em português, é um otimo desenho que estou tendo o privilegio de assistir já que estou com uma semana sem aula, mas isso não vem ao caso, o desenho que passa na rede bandeirantes ou apenas band, dentro do Band Kids é um otimo desenho, tem um otimo enredo e a aventura é muito interessante, pois usa os simbolos do zodiaco chines para ser espiritos do passado que aumentam a força dos seus guardiões, vi dois episodios em que mostra quatro guardiões, o Dragão Dourado, O Guardião do Macaco, o da Cobra e Ling a Irmã de Ang o Dragão Dourado que vai para o lado do Mal em Busca de Poder e acaba se tornando a Guardiã do Dragão das Trevas, o desenho tem otimos graficos e otimo para se assistir.
  • This show is TERIBBLE!

    OK, let's get this over with. Here's a summary:

    The story revolves around a 15 year old named Ang Leung, who is chosen to be the Golden Dragon, Protector of Temple of the Dragon. His twin sister Ling, who more talented than he is in martial arts, was passed from being the Golden Dragon. Angered, she goes and turns to the evil Zodiac Master, who wants to destroy all the others.

    This is a BAD rip-off of Avatar and Naruto. These are ways they do:


    1. Aang-Ang (CLEVER!)

    2. Young boy's life destroyed by responcibility-Avatar

    Here's Naruto:

    1. NINJAS!!!

    2. Demons

    And that's about it. Don't watch this!!!
  • And the winner of Most Generic Title Ever goes to...

    Legend of the Dragon is a show about people who use martial arts and morph into superheroes with magic bracelets. Why does that sound familiar? Exciting martial arts battles are harder to do with animation, but I respect the guts it took for them to even try and the end results are okay. And instead of the regular Zodiac they use the Chinese one, that's kind of original, although this isn't the first martial arts-style cartoon to use that as a motif for a bunch of magic doodads. Not a bad show, but doesn't knock my socks off.
  • i think that legend of the dragon is one of the best shows out there today but dont think for one second that this show is wack iight this show has people wating to get the gane for wii which will be hot so dont doubt that this show looks or acts boot

    for my rivew its the same thing i think this show is the bomb it has the graphics and the action to go balistic i mean look u hardly see shows like this if i had to say this show is better than naruto and pokemon and pokemon is garbage who still watchs that its mad boot leg i seen better on other wack shows so dont say that this show is boring if u dont get it than go to www.youtube.com then tipe in legand of the dragon iight because it will show u the begain on how the show stated
  • It doesn't get much better..... than this.....

    A great story about Ang who is the new golden dragon and his twin sister Ling. When Ang is picked to be the new golden dragon instead of Ling, everyone is suprised and Ling gets angry and goes of with the xodiac master (woo yin). She then becomes the shadow dragon. Ang is determinded to get her back along with his friends master chin, biengal and xuan chi he sets out on the quest to turn back his sister. To help the other temple gardians. And to stop the emporer of the darkest yin from being resarected. What a task for someone who's 15.
  • intresting story about the confilct of a brother and sister one that has turn evil and other that has not.

    i never expected jetix to pick this up for use showing but hey jetix has been surpising latly with some good or intresting.
    but onto the show first of it has a intresting plot normal not in many show. that the brother is fight for good and the sister is evil. normal this would be not intresting but the main char is less skilled overall then any other char of the show.
    one other intresting thing about this show is it uses the zodiac as a main part of the story and show which is unhared in most cartoons from usa to european country's