Legend of the Seeker

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Hope has a warrior. Based on Terry Goodkind's best-selling fantasy series, The Sword of Truth, this series follows woodsman Richard Cypher as he transforms from woods guide to magical leader, with a task to stop a vicious tyrant, Lord Darken Rahl. Legend of the Seeker is produced by ABC Studios for syndication. The series was formerly known as Wizard's First Rule.

Bridget Regan

Bridget Regan

Kahlan Amnell

Tabrett Bethell

Tabrett Bethell

Cara (Season 2)

Bruce Spence

Bruce Spence

Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander

Craig Horner

Craig Horner

Richard Cypher/Rahl

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Fan Reviews (262)

  • One of the best shows ever made

    Easily one of the best shows ever made. The popularity of this show has only grown over the years, and it's a shame that they are wasting such an amazing franchise by not making more seasons or a movie. The storytelling is fun, mildly campy but also very serious when it counts. Overall, a compelling show that comes about as close to perfect as any show has ever been.
  • Horrid Horrid Butcher of Source Material

    My question:

    How on Earth could those of you who read the books like or support this show? If you never read the books, ok, I could maybe get it, but if you read the books?

    How? What? A huge part of what makes the Sword of Truth series what it is is the author's intimate love with Objectivism, a concept pretty much thoroughly missing in the tv series. For those of you who say you read the books and like the show, do you even know what Objectivism is? Have you ever pondered the concept of 'rational self-interest?'

    Please, I seriously wonder how someone could read the books and still be so far off the rails, and would love to understand how this happens.

  • Legend Of The Seeker

    Awesome Tv am in love with Bridget an actress!!!!!!!!!!what a performance
  • we want to bring back season 3,4,5,6,7...

    please bring back legend of the seeker
  • Bring Back Season 3,4,5

    Bring back Legend of the seeker!! It Is an awesome show i hated seeing it go. I've read all the books and would really like to see more of the show please!!!

    Bret Michaels Is in Critical Condition

    Plus: Legend of the Seeker is likely a goner, Glee's creator is considering an all-Britney episode, and HBO has announced its shows' return dates.

  • Q&A

    Seeking out Legend of the Seeker's Craig Horner

    We chatted with the man, the myth, the legend: Craig Horner.

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