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Hope has a warrior. Based on Terry Goodkind's best-selling fantasy series, The Sword of Truth, this series follows woodsman Richard Cypher as he transforms from woods guide to magical leader, with a task to stop a vicious tyrant, Lord Darken Rahl. Legend of the Seeker is produced by ABC Studios for syndication. The series was formerly known as Wizard's First Rule.

Bridget Regan

Bridget Regan

Kahlan Amnell

Tabrett Bethell

Tabrett Bethell

Cara (Season 2)

Bruce Spence

Bruce Spence

Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander

Craig Horner

Craig Horner

Richard Cypher/Rahl

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Fan Reviews (267)

  • Mediocre at best.

    There is simply no meat to the show -it can pretty much be summed up by 'goody two shoes' with slow motion killing and angst-y romance; all of which comes with a healthy serving of 'sex appeal' ala topless dudes and scantly clothed chicks.

    Season 1 was mostly painful.

    The first chunk of season 2 was good, then it dropped, then it picked up towards the end and then becomes awful again at the end.

    Cara and Zed are my favorite characters by far, with Cara being the only one of the main line up to actually have notable character development.

    There are brilliant shows out there that were cancelled before their time, this is not one of them.moreless
  • we want season 3

    please please i am dying to watch season 3

    lovely show dying to watch it

    season 3 should be released

    all fans are requesting it

    we all want season 3 to be launched please!!!!!!
  • hello

    welcome you to the legend of the seeker season 3 appears that wait to watch season 3 season 1 and 2 are super well made true friends wanted answered a nice thank you
  • no need to make more ...

    why so many kids like this tv show is ... just strange to me ... i think they are sick in the head :o " maybe brain dead " but there u go xP
  • Absolutely adored it!!

    This is such a majestic show! So what if it can seem cheesy from time to time, what show doesn't? So what if the actors aren't the best, the way they get the job done is more than enough for me. I couldn't do any better, and I admire their skill. So what if it doesn't stay faithful to the book series, the basic story is still practically the same, the wonderful world is the same, and it gives people all the more reason to read the book series. I've heard about this show before the book series, and if it was exactly like the books, I wouldn't be motivated to read them. This huge difference between the show and the book series is what makes it all so much fun. It's like telling the same story, but from different perspectives. And I'm extremely grateful to this show for introducing me to such a wonderful, magical universe and setting me on such an exquisite adventure. If it wasn't for this glorious show, I wouldn't have known about the books, or probably wouldn't have been interested enough to read them in the first place. I can agree that Richard here seems a bit annoying, more of a 21 century guy than a man of medieval times. But you can still enjoy his character and his quirks. This show may not live up to the magic of the books, as so many of you say, but it shines by being just the way it is. And maybe if people would stop taking everything so damn seriously, if they'd just lighten up a bit, and stop being so bitter and judgmental, the show would still be going. I absolutely love this show, watched it like 4 times, because it was just that magical. You get used to the character's quirks, and learn to not let the little flaws ruin the wonders this show provides. It's meant to entertain, not compete with the books.moreless

    Bret Michaels Is in Critical Condition

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  • Q&A

    Seeking out Legend of the Seeker's Craig Horner

    We chatted with the man, the myth, the legend: Craig Horner.

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