Legend of the Seeker

Season 1 Episode 16


Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Mar 21, 2009 on ABC
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While trying to prevent Darken Rahl from capturing the third Box of Orden, Richard learns of his true connection to Zeddicus.

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  • Bloodline

    Bloodline was a superb and very entertaining episode of Legend of The Seeker. I really enjoyed watching this episode as Richard meets Jennsen and discovers that there is a connection between them. I thought her being pristinely ungifted was a cool idea and concept. Zedd finally tells Richard the truth about his own relationship to The Seeker. It was fun to see Denna again as Darken Rahl had her rebroken and out in the field to obtain the third box of Orden. This episode had a great story and I look forward to watching the next episode of Legend of The Seeker!!!!!!!moreless
  • major forces at play...& great to see Denna again! and to have Zed back again. whew!

    This was a strong episode. I still want more humour on the show though. But, it was very nice to have Zedd back, and to have Denna back for an episode as well. The actress playing Denna (Jessica Marais) is really good, very daunting. The turning of the tables resulting from the special orientation to magic that the 'pristinely ungifted' possesses was an interesting way of turning things upside down and shaking up the power dynamics. By the end of the show, the relative power of certain characters has definitely diminished. If they could just ratchet up the humour quotient of this in just the right way - i would be really getting attached to this show. Right now it still feels a bit too heavy handed.moreless
  • I love it.

    Finally Zedd gets to tell Richard that he is his grandfather. I would have liked Zedd talk to his daughter at lest a little before she died. Also Richard getting to know his mother. I hope they bring Jennsen back. I love to see Richard in the brother/sister relationship. I wonder how he would handle being a big brother, when he was always the little brother. I love the ending with Zedd and Richard. "Can I call you gramps?" "Not if you value your life". That is so funny. I wonder if we will get to see Richard letting Kahlan say why she kept it from him. Jennsen is so cute. Could they have the same mother and father or does Jennsen have to have a different father? Because they hinted, or at least I thought, that they could have the same father.moreless
  • Denna was revived earlier with the kiss of life after Richard ran her through with his sword. Richard's sister Jennsen is introduced. This review assumes the reader has watched the episode so a plot summary is not included.moreless

    We knew that Denna is alive because she was revived with the kiss of life at the end of the episode where Richard killed her. A bit unrealistic, but she's such a wonderful character that she deserves to have more time on screen than what a single episode could give. It's also good to see her getting tortured by Lord Rahl since it reminds people of how the Mord'Sith are created. They take the kindest little girls they can find and turn them into monsters through psychological and physical torture, and even though they grow up to be strong and cruel, they are still victims and slaves to Lord Rahl.

    When I read that Jennsen was going to be in this episode, I felt anxious about how it was going to turn out since in the book series she only appears much later, but after watching the episode I think it was a good move to bring her in now. We can't even know if there's going to be a second season, so the writers might be in a hurry to include all the important elements from the rest of the book series as well. Jennsen looks very cute, and fragile and childish, but she's the true hero in this episode. It was also nice that they showed her goat but it was only shown briefly and they didn't go into sappy details how it has been her best and only friend when she grew up. It's just a little bonus to people who are familiar with the books.

    In the books Jennsen and Richard had separate mothers (so you can guess which parent they had in common), but I don't mind merging the two characters since their only task was to give birth and later die to create drama. I just wonder if Richard and Jennsen will be revealed to have separate fathers - most likely yes. It sounded like the trait of being pristinely ungifted was something that simply happens at random, as opposed to how it happens in the books. (I'm trying hard not to spoil the books too much to someone who hasn't read them yet.)

    Did someone complain that there was no humor in this episode? Since I certainly laughed at Richard and Denna's tension when they were negotiating about exchanging the third box of Orden for the mother's life. It seemed they were on the verge of jumping at each other's throats (well, at least Denna was), but they still managed to put down their weapons and talk. And the idea of stealing the first two boxes of Orden in exchange for the third was completely outrageous, yet Denna agreed to it. She has a cute smile, by the way. It was interesting how the scene of Jennsen sneaking into Rahl's castle to steal the boxes was interspersed with Denna explaining how to get there, it progressed very smoothly but managed to be exciting at the same time. And even though Jennsen could walk straight through the magical shields and traps, it didn't seem too easy at all.

    It was funny when Richard combined the boxes of Orden since you could anticipate it happening when he placed down the first two boxes. But then it gets rather horrible when he starts ordering people to do things and doesn't seem the least bit worried about the fact that the magic has robbed everyone's free will. This is different from how Kahlan treats people she has confessed, unless they are criminals or dangerous enemies, she seems hesitant about asking too much of them. When Richard orders Kahlan to beat Denna to death, I started thinking this can't be happening, this is not right, the script writers couldn't let this happen! This isn't like Richard at all - but that is the point. It's not him anymore, it's the power of Orden speaking through him. But Jennsen sees the truth and separates the boxes to break the spell.

    Denna begs Richard to kill her since she claims it's the only way she could be free from Lord Rahl, but Richard refuses to kill her and instead tells her to run away. Again Richard chooses the pro-life option as he did earlier with the male Confessor baby.

    In the books using the boxes required a very complex ritual and there was a risk that the person opening the wrong box would end up dead or destroying the whole world, but here combining the boxes gives instant power to the person who did it. It's just the power to control people, not to raise the dead or anything like that. If the unlikely thing happens and the TV series will get 11 seasons (or otherwise handle all the books), I wonder how they'll manage to handle the events of the last book.moreless
  • Another great epi with tons of revelations and tables turned in the process

    The focus moves from Kahlan to Denna in this episode, whom it was certainly nice to see again. We had been left with the feeling of unfinished business the first time around so now the score is finally settled. We get a glimpse of her relationship with Darken Rahl, which explains a lot (if not all) of her behaviour towards her prisoners. The reason she is such an expert on pain is mainly that she endures quite a lot of it herself. This is interesting and helps shake off the typical, sadistic villain impression off the Mord'Sith. They inflict pain and cause fear in their victims for sure, but they have gone through all the details of such a process themselves, and have forged their power through their own experience.

    Other than that Richard learns Zedd is his grandfather, and discovers his mother and half sister all in one go. Unfortunately he doesn't get the time to develop a relationship with his mother as Denna kills her relatively early in the episode. However, we get to see Richard's dark side as opposed to Kahlan's in the previous episode, when he unites the three boxes and the power of Orden completely possesses him. So after Conversion, this time it is the Seeker who is demystified, and we understand that both Richard and Kahlan have human weaknesses that can overcome them.

    This was another great episode, full of action, emotional impact, revelations, humour at times and suspense at others (especially when Jensen was in the palace, and in the same room with Darken Rahl, boy was that a close one), and in the end some tough decisions needed to be made. Richard had to suppress his ego and lust for revenge and let Denna go, and at the same time forgive Zedd for not telling him anything sooner. The lesson to be learned in my opinion, is that freedom is gained and given to others and yourself by overcoming your selfishness, and not by succumbing to your darker nature. As Zedd says, the Seeker is who he is not because he doesn't have a darker nature, but because he makes the choice not to follow it.moreless
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