Legend of the Seeker

Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Nov 08, 2008 on ABC
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Bounty hunters all over the lands are trying to capture Richard. While Zedd seeks to find out how they're tracking him, Richard and Kahlan attempt to help a girl whose brother has been captured by a fabled monster.

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  • Could be so much better, but it's good enough for the moment.

    I was so excited to hear about a series being made after the Sword of Truth books. How disappointing it actually turned out to be. I expected things to be different, sure, but I do think they changed to much. Richard should be taller and older, with gray eyes just like Darken Rahl's (but on the show neither one does). Kahlan seems kind of okay for the most part, but she isn't feared like she is in the books, although I do like how they portray the Confessor and the person she touches when she unleashes her power, but they got how a "confessed" person acts all wrong. It's just a bit sad to see how they aren't following the books better and are going off in a different direction. I understand trying to make a show that can have staying power and to get a wide variety to watch, but I think that could have been accomplished just as well if they followed the books better. It's too beloved of a series to mess with like that.moreless
  • While the pilot was flawed it still followed the story but we are falling into syndicated nightmare and the books are becoming a distant memory.

    And here we go.

    For all its flaws the 2 hour pilot followed somewhat the plot of the book. Even if they changed a bunch of things (which was to be expected) and even if the tone was much lighter (expected as well) Zedd wasn't bad, Khalan found Richard and they saw the Bone Lady and crossed the Boundary.

    But of course that was the 'got to sell' pilot and this is a regular episode. so we fall into the classic one enemy/one episode format with random helpless damsels and villages.

    There are obviously no mentions of the Mud People, Zedd shouldn't be here (nor this powerful), Khalan should still be much less friendly, not touching people and being afraid of contact.

    Richard should have more character and they still haven't properly explained what the Seeker is or how the Sword of Truth works.

    The result is some classic syndicated heroic series which can be enjoyable in its own right but has less and less to do with Wizard's First Rule.moreless
  • Bounty

    Bounty was a superb episode of Legend of the Seeker. I really enjoyed watching this episode as multiple bounty hunters obtained special maps to track Richard. I thought that the story of this episode was a cool concept and I liked the map printing machine. There was action, drama, intrigue, humor, character and plot development. There were a lot of good scenes in this episode and it was really cool that Zed was able to restore Richard's necklace. I did not read the books so I am not an original fan, however I am enjoying the mythology and story lines of the show so far. I look forward to watching the next episode of Legend of the Seeker!!!!moreless
  • I am definatly happy I tuned into this show!!!

    I can only say... If the first ten minutes don't have you laughing... nothing will!

    It was awesome! So as not to spoil it for those who haven't seen it yet, I only have one thing to say...

    "Little Bunny Foo..."POOF!", the look on Richard's face is priceless.!

    There are allot of great scenes in this episodes.

    Zedd's character is well done, and so are the other characters.

    Ted Raimi played his role really well, and it was fun seeing his face on the screen again.

    The cave scene with Kahlan and the creature was pretty good, and although there were only brief glimpses of the beast, it was well done.

    There were some real well done scenes I haven't mentioned, but the episode was worth watching!moreless
  • Cool Cool

    So I know the people are saying that this isnt quite living up to what they hoped it would be, and i can only agree on a few things that i have heard. The "special Effects" could be done better, way better. Some of the dialog is quite trite but at the same time you have to realize that your trying to adapt a major book series to tv series and things are not going to be like it is in the book or how you precived things when you read the books.(See Eragon, liked it but not even close to the original books) I have to admit that i enjoyed Zedd he is how i pictured Zedd whrn i read the books, Kalhan is close but not quite on que. Richard....well the actor had got richards personallity but i pictured Richard bigger, and not just in the muscies (not that he was skinny or anything), but just taller, and slightly older. That being said i was able to totally enjoy the show for what it was. Im going to give it a try and if it flops they only have themselves to blame.moreless

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