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Legend of the Seeker

Season 2 Episode 3


Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Nov 21, 2009 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Cara is found to be guilty of a terrible crime from the past and is sentenced to be executed by Kahlan. Richard disagrees with Cara's punishment though, and tries to save her before she meets an untimely end.

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  • This is the best episode of the seeker to date.

    I think it's the best episode to date. It's an episode where emotions are very present with the trial of Cara. We saw that Mord'Sith are able to show some emotions. Tabrett Bethell gives an outstanding performance in this episode. Even though Richard and Kahlan have a minimal role, I think it was necessary to see Cara and appreciate her character in different ways. In this episode, we could bond with her and almost feel bad for the way she was transformed in an evil. I can't wait to see the rest of the second season. With 6 episodes aired, I can tell that the second season is, by far, better than the first season.moreless
  • The best episode so far!

    "Broken" was a fine example for what I love most about "Legend of the Seeker" and that would be its deep human quality and most of all, the character of Richard Cypher. After the Mord Sith had been introduced as rather soulless "creatures", enjoying to cause pain, it was very touching to see, what caused them to be that way and they really got a human face by that. It's great, how believing in second chances isn't just something, Richard would say lightly and not mean it. He really proved his believe in a very touching way, defending Cara even at the cost of hurting Kahlan. Besides, Tabrett Bethell, playing Cara has proven in this episode, that she is more than just a pretty face, but a really good actress as well.moreless
  • Broken

    Broken was a perfect and very entertaining episode of Legend of The Seeker because there was a lot of character growth and development for Cara, Kahlan, and Richard. I thought this was a very touching episode as Kahlan learns the true fate of her sister, and Richard tells Cara to leave, while Zedd tracks the guy with the Rune on his hand. There was a lot of emotion in this episode which made the story more intriguing. I thought it was great how Kahlan overcame her own feelings and saw the truth. It was really great to learn how Cara became a Mord'Sith and that they are human too underneath their broken shells. I think every thing played out perfectly in this episode. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!moreless
  • The battle continues, this time on the courts of men!

    I always expect a good episode from the show but astonishingly, it even goes beyond my expectations almost all of the time! This episode is simply tremendous! I was watching the show with my wife and at the height of the discussion during the trial ... she cried.

    The battle between reasons are great. This show is simply not an ordinary show but a very profound one. It does not only entertain but gives a lot of values to learn with. I sure hope book readers/fanatics may stop dragging down this beautiful show and let go with the new flow! Smallville has interchanged plots against the real comic and movie story of Superman and it certainly has done a great job inspite of that. This show is doing the same thing as well.

    The series is indeed worth the high ratings it should get.moreless
  • A very dark and riveting episode about the evil that men and women do - often when they think they're...

    A very dark and riveting episode about the evil that men and women do - often when they think they're doing good. This show was very intense and thought provoking. We see new negative traits of the things that a confessor will do despite the seeker's powerful way of putting a chain around her vigorously-almost-unstoppable blood lust. However, beneath all those anger we find ourselves touched by Cara's remorse. Her realization of the bad things that she did truly tells us that there is still a light that shines even on the darkest soul of a person.

    We also experience one of the best qualities of the seeker. And that is to fight for what is right at all cost even when the closest to you is against you.moreless
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