Legend of the Seeker

Season 1 Episode 11


Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jan 31, 2009 on ABC
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Richard and Kahlan meet up with old friends of hers who have great ties to the resistance when she finds out they are in trouble. When they arrive, they learn that one of Kahlan's friends has been slain and he isn't the only resistance member who has been in that village. Zedd goes off on his own back home to get something he left there that will help in his and his friend's quest.moreless

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  • Confession

    Confession was a perfect and very entertaining episode of Legend of The Seeker. I really enjoyed watching this episode becuase there was a lot of character and plot development for all of the characters, some action, and intrigue. I thought it was interesting to meet Zedds younger brother who is not a Wizard but has sold magical items for his own gain. Richard and Kahlan try to help some rebels and things don't go quite as planned. I enjoyed the various story lines in this episode and I really look forward to watching the next episode of Legend of The Seeker!!!!!!!moreless
  • One of the greatest plots of the series.

    This episode was one of the best from season 1. It's a lot like detective series because of the plot such as CSI, Bones or other. But it is as smartly made as some of the Sherlock Holmes stories. It has good clifhanger, you can use you deduction skills and see how the characters manage to use it and solve this strange and mysterious killings. The part of the episode with Zedd's meeting with his brother was very dramatic and interesting to see. It had great acting and dialogue. All in all, this episode deserved to get a ten in my eyes just because it was more interesting than other and had a good quality and gave the watcher a lot of mixed feelings.moreless
  • Definitely not the best episode....

    After Identity, Denna, The Puppeteer and Sacrifice.....Confession came as a big disappointment.

    What I saw with this episode was that the plot needed Zedd to have the tomb key and they wanted to introduce a new type of magic artifact...

    It seemed odd that a wizard as old as Zedd would have his mother pass away only 5 years prior, although it was sad for his character.

    I liked his ungifted, semi-resentful brother, it added a new aspect to Zedd's character, but I do think the brother should of been informed he had a great-nephew... It also may have been a good idea of Zedd to let his brother know that Darken Rahl's henchmen may be a problem if Darken becomes aware Zedd has a brother.

    The Richard/Kahlan venture seemed like the writer tried too hard to create a over plotted twist ending.

    Within 5 minutes of introducing the bad guy, it became obvious who he was... so the mystery was how he did it.

    What magic could make a confessed person falsify the information the person gave his confessor??

    Easily done...just produce a magic item that imprints memories of other people. An imprint so strong, the confessed person believes that it is a true memory.

    All in all, the episode wasn't bad, but compared to the ones that preceded it, it did come up lacking...moreless
  • Wasn't as great. :-(

    This show has given us great past 3 episodes. I still liked this one though. I found the Kahlan killing an innocent man interesting to her character. Its not always we see main characters with flaws. I do agree with one reviewer that The Seeker could have been easily killed. Instead he just implanted memories. But I guess he wanted Kahlan to be the one to kill him. So I can let that slide. I liked the Zedd parts even though in the book his parents are already dead, it was sad though to see him go through it. I enjoyed his scenes with his brother. Overall this episode is good and has some great elements. But it felt Fillerish. Now here comes the hiatus wait for 3 weeks.moreless
  • While this was a filler episode, there was actually a decent amount of character development.

    This episode was not the most riveting, as very little action was seen; basically, Richard and Kahlan are playing Nancy Drew for the whole episode trying to solve some murders. Zedd met up with his brother Thaddicus (who as far as I'm aware did not exist in the books), which was a rather meaningless encounter and only served the purpose of taking Zedd mostly out of the story, or at least removing him from the events at East Marwen. A powerful magical object, even more powerful than a Confessor's magic, Azzallel's Orb, is somehow put into the possession of the trio by the end of the episode; I have to wonder if they plan to use this object as a plot device in future episodes.

    The one good thing I can say about this episode is the character development displayed in Kahlan; she encountered a magic that was even more powerful than her own, and it caused her to send an innocent man to his death. Because of this, she realized that she's not as powerful or as strong as she once thought. We're also shown that she's willing to bear the burden of sending an innocent man to his death when she's presented with the option of removing that memory from her head; she states "I'm not as infallible as I thought, and it cost a man's life. I don't ever want to forget that."

    Sadly, other than Kahlan's character developing moments, there was very little to this episode. In my opinion, it was simply filler before the three-week hiatus. I hope the break gives the show time to breathe a little and renew its vigor.moreless

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    • Zedd: (To Thaddicus) Now let's get you cleaned up, you look like one of Mother's turnips after an hour in the pot.
      (laughter) Besides, I always did love showing off my powers.

    • Zedd: Thaddicus, is mother here?
      Thaddicus: Of course she is. Where else would she be? Come, she'll be overjoyed to see you.

    • Richard: Wait, Kahlan. You can't go alone.
      Zedd: He's right. Confessor can't travel without her Seeker. Seeker can't travel without his Confessor. Who would trouble themselves with an old man in a tattered cloak?

  • NOTES (1)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      United Kingdom: September 17, 2009 on Sci Fi/Sci Fi HD
      Germany: January 3, 2010 on ProSieben
      Sweden: April 9, 2010 on TV6
      Slovakia: August 8, 2010 on JOJ


    • Kahlan: What color are my eyes?

      This is a creative allusion by the writers to the fact that Bridget Regan has blue eyes, while the Kahlan Amnell of the books has famously green eyes.