Legend of the Seeker

Season 1 Episode 15


Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Mar 14, 2009 on ABC
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Richard, Kahlan and Chase are headed to the D'Haran fortress where Chase's family is kept prisoner, and Darken Rahl's archwizard is conducting magical experiments on them. As they manage to infiltrate the fortress the Seeker comes face to face with his sinister opponent for the first time, while a terrible, unexpected force is unleashed.moreless

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  • Conversion

    Conversion was a superb episode of Legend of The Seeker and I really enjoyed watching this episode because there was a lot of character and plot development along with action, drama and intrigue. It was really cool to see Darken Rahl travel by the blue fire. It was interesting to learn what his Wizard was doing to Kahlan and to others before her. Richard does what he can in order to save Kahlan. I thought the scenes where Darken Rahl and Richard meet were great especially since Richard drew blood. I look forward to watching the next episode of Legend of The Seeker!!!!!!!moreless
  • I had tried to over look the differences, and to be honest this is one of the only episodes so far where I have been totally disappointed in the way it was handled, the differences from the book.moreless

    I haven't picked up WFR in a couple of years, and I've been getting my husband to the point where he HAS TO watch it now, so I was indeed looking forward to this episode, as I have for the entire series.

    So, when I watched it, I actually felt disheartened by it.

    The Con Dar. Now? Really? In this way? mmmmmm

    Richard bleating like a lamb? The actor really needs some character development.

    The Mord'Sith, reacting to Rahl in such a way? (Does noone remember the training they went through?)

    The fight scene with Richard & Rahl. Interesting, but very BADLY edited. With all of the experience the crew has had with sowrd play, I was VERY disappointed with the editing.

    Good points?

    Overall whilst I am not happy with this episode, I will say that it's a good story arc for this series, it helps move things along and it helps set up the next Rahl & Richard encounter. It also ensures that we know Kahlan can't engage with Rahl, with the medicine taken by Rahl..

    I know there will be people who dislike this post, I did give it an 8/10 though because I thought the episode was good if you took out the bad acting & editing and forgot the book.

    Forget the book and you have a solid 7-8/10 for this ep.moreless
  • Finally Richard faces Darken Rahl for the first time, while Kahlan reveals another one of her greatest powers.

    Wow, what a great epi! I loved every minute of it. Richard, Kahlan and Chase reach the fortress where Chase's family is kept, in order to release them. They find out that Darken Rahl's archwizard has gotten hold of some extremely powerful magical tools and is experimenting on the prisoners to create the powers of a Confessor. Darken Rahl goes to the fortress to check on the wizard's progress and comes face to face with Richard, who has infiltrated it along with Kahlan. A fierce sword battle follows, which is just amazing! The strength and tenacity and pure hatred that emanates from Richard is so apparent, you can clearly see he wants Rahl dead with all his heart and soul. Rahl holds his own pretty well too but at the end he has to resort to magic to escape death and capture Richard.

    Meanwhile Kahlan is captured too, and the wizard is trying to remove her Confessor powers from her. After being tortured she gets what is called "the Blood Rage", and simply confesses everyone in the room at once without even moving. That scene was very well done and it was exciting to see the "evil" side of a Confessor. Especially after seeing her being tortured like that. In the end Rahl flees once again, but in this episode we get to see his character more clearly. We see that he is indeed very powerful and can kill someone simply by touch (as he does the confessed Mord'Sith). He can also hold his own in battle and he is very intelligent. All in all we needed such an insight, for Rahl to justify his place as arch-villain.moreless
  • "Slightly" different from the novel but not necessarily worse.

    Okay, I'm once again glad they did the whole "Blood-Rage" thing different than it happened in the books. Puncturing Kahlan with these needle type instruments was already painful to watch, but if they had adapted the novel exactly, people would have puked right in front of their TVs.

    I have to admit though, the "Blood-Rage" is a little bit of a deus ex machina to rescue our heroes from a seemingly hopeless situation. The only thing we learn from it is that apparently only the most powerful Confessors can perform it.

    Kahlan's eyes really looked awesome as they went from blue to black to blood red.moreless
  • face to face with darken rahl

    This episode had some good fighting. Darken Rahl being actually physically present with Kahlan and the Seeker - that was pretty dramatic and adventurous. The bloodrage of Kahlan was a nice twist and well done. BUT, still missing humour, missing Zed. It's not the same without him, and on some level I feel like it's work to get through the plot machinations without the comic relief that he so deftly combines with a portrying a very important and grand character. If he was never coming back then I think i would just stop watching. He's the life of the show in my opinion.moreless
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Jay Laga'aia


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