Legend of the Seeker

Season 2 Episode 9


Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jan 23, 2010 on ABC
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The Sisters of the Light teach Richard to use his wizard powers. When one of them discloses a terrible secret, Zedd is forced to name a new Seeker.

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  • down swing episode

    apparently one of Richard's powers is being a self righteous, whiny little b!tch.
  • Dark

    Dark was a perfect and awesome episode of Legend of The Seeker. I really enjoyed watching this episode because there was a good mix of action, drama, intrigue and magic. The sisters of the Light have begun to teach Richard how to control his powers in the Palace of the Prophets. It was cool to see the sisters of the Light in action and to learn how far they are willing to go to listen to the Prelate. Some of the sisters apparently serve the Keeper and are of the Dark, which was a great plot point. Zedd names a new Seeker who seems worthy and Richard finds a way to escape. I look forward to watching the next episode of Legend of The Seeker!!!!!!!moreless
  • Zedd, Kahlan and Cara meet the new Seeker, Leo. Richard and Verna arrive at the Palace of the Prophets.

    This episode was a little bit fast moving for my taste but it still laid out the plot for many episodes to come. http://www.LegendSeeker.net did an excellent recap/review on this one.

    They moved the episode along at a little bit too fast of a pace, skipping a lot of things that were in the books including (but not limited to) Richards training of his Han, the Sister that is assigned to him and many other things. It seemed that as soon as he got the Palace he was ready to leave and within a span of 20 or so minutes he did so. I suppose when you have a 44 minute episode or show that you have to move things along.

    Zedd also named the new Seeker without so much as a second thought. All because he saw Leo in a vision that Shota showed him.moreless
  • A little bit too much ... !

    So far, I've enjoyed the entire Season 1 and also Season 2, however, this particular episode somewhat disappointed me.

    The Richard-part in the castle was still ok, nothing to be too excited about and also a bit predictable, yet, it fits well into the overall storyline.


    the part I absolutely didn't like: Leon becomes a seeker!

    Following the entire saga from the beginning, we learn that there hasn't been a seeker 'for a thousend years'. Now, all of a sudden, we get a second one. And this seeker has not only been named as seeker, no, he knew already that he will become a seeker one day (based on a old prophecy we haven't heard of yet) and he also is able to read the book ... this just killed it for me!

    I still would have gone with the naming of a new seeker, yet, that he also can read the book and therefore is a real seeker - well, what were the writers thinking? If they will come up all 3 to 4 episodes now with the plot of naming a new seeker, then I actually might stop watching. We had this in the first 11 episodes of season 2 now already twice! First the wizard, now Leon ...


    It was absolutely not necessary to name a new seeker at the current state. Also, the castle had enough story to tell, so, why putting Leon into the scene?moreless
  • Very good one!!

    I think it was a really great episode with a lot of rebounds. The fact that Zedd had to name a new seeker has given a new turn to the story. Of course some people will be disappointed of that, but we all have to keep in mind that the show follows only the main storyline of the books. They can't do exactly as it is written in the books because it would be a little dull. What the show is doing is that they're adding new stories and new characters to make the series even more exciting. I think there was an excinting turn of events in this episode and, as we can all see it, the main storyline sticks to the books, with only some details changed. All of this makes each episode unique and we can all appreciate it in different ways which I think makes this series very great. I can't wait to see new episodes!!! And, of course, I hope it will be renewed for a third season!!moreless
Meryl Main

Meryl Main

Sister Ulicia

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Kirstie O'Sullivan

Kirstie O'Sullivan

Sister Philomena

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Liz Kirk

Liz Kirk


Guest Star

Danielle Cormack

Danielle Cormack


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  • QUOTES (2)

    • Cara: Something wrong?
      Kahlan: I miss Richard.
      Cara: Why?
      Kahlan: Because I love him. And I'm not used to being apart from him.
      Cara: It's not necessary to feel pain over his absence.
      Kahlan: Don't you feel anything?
      Cara: Mord-Sith believe your emotions must be governed. Sadness, remorse, love- these feelings make you weak. But anger, loyalty, pride- these feelings make you powerful. I can teach you how to control your emotions, if you like.
      Kahlan: I'm not sure love makes a person weak, Cara.
      Cara: Then why are you sitting on the ground weeping over a sword?

    • Leo: Do you like animals?
      Cara: Ones that taste good.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Alison Bruce (Sister Verna) and Miriama Smith (Du Chaillu) appeared together on the New Zealand drama Mercy Peak with Craig Parker (Darken Rahl), all as employees at a medical clinic.

    • Original International Air Dates:
      United Kingdom: March 25, 2010 on Sci Fi/Sci Fi HD
      Germany: June 6, 2010 on ProSieben
      Sweden: November 5, 2010 on TV6