Legend of the Seeker

Season 1 Episode 17


Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Mar 28, 2009 on ABC
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When Richard and Kahlan learn that Darken Rahl has been manipulating the resistance with magic, Richard goes in disguise to a D'Haran camp to try and stop the bloodshed.

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  • Deception

    Deception was a perfect and very entertaining episode of Legend of The Seeker. I really enjoyed watching this episode because there was a lot of character and plot development. I thought it was great how Richard was able to take on the role of a D'Haran soldier and was able to see the humanity in those fighting against him at the whim of Darken Rahl. I think Richard had a lot of growth and it was intriguing to watch him be the hero he is. The ending of this episode was exciting and I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!moreless
  • Lemme just start out by saying that it might be a Monday and I'm sitting there saying, when is my show gonna be back on.

    I absolutely love this show. I can't stand the bottle-blonds and their love lives and all that reality stuff. And it's got nothing to do with being jealous--I'm an all-time pageant winner who could stand toe-to-toe with any of these women.

    My blond is real, what can I say? And that has no effect on why I love my Seeker. It's a free guilty pleasure.

    This show is so cute, I love the ultra-dramatic way they speak--it brings me back to the old lit we read in my english lit classes, when chivalry was the norm, women wore dresses, and the men in books always felt like they had something to fight for, something they "really believed in." This show embodies the theatrical art that TV doesn't have anymore (like it ever did? Maybe.) I dare anyone to show me equitable entertainment and depth in Big Bang Theory, House, Heroes (yeah, what's the matter with Fox anyway? All they got is one word per show title? Think about it: Bones, Prison Break--ok wow, they spared us two there...and these were all started pre-recession!)

    Look, I'm paying for school while living in recession times. The two hours I get to unwind after my weekend shift at work, watching girls in corsets (I think you'd call them that) wave around daggars and pose for the camera as their ultra-cute heroes knock the bad guys dead...and it's free...I feel like I'm making out here. You wanna get technical, ok the special effects can be cheezy, and the who's-the-baby-daddy storyline they had for awhile was distracting, but the hero/lead-girl love story is classic, i love it, and it's why I watch the show.

    I can't wait for the show to end so I can see the final hookup!!!moreless
  • Richard and Kahlan are thoroughly disillusioned in regards to the local resistance, and in the course of their adventure they learn that things aren't always black and white.

    Legend Of The Seeker continues to enlighten the viewer as far as intolerance and absolute opinions are concerned, in a very well written and well executed episode. Richard and Kahlan arrive at a village that had taken them in a few months ago, only to discover that everyone has been killed by Darken Rahl's dark magic, in retribution for their support to the Seeker. The pair team up with the local resistance and Richard goes undercover as a D'Haran soldier amidst the D'Haran camp, in order to steal the magic weapons. While Richard is there he becomes friends with the D'Haran captain, meets his family and understands that he is a good-hearted man whose loyalties sadly lie in the wrong person. In the meantime Kahlan tries to protect a confessed D'Haran soldier from the fierce resistance, but fails when they kill him for revenge. As she opposes their plans to use the magic weapons in a D'Haran village they defy her and move forward to eliminate the village. Kahlan arrives at the camp under disguise, breaks out with Richard and together they intercept and fight the resistance. When the resistance leader sets off the magic weapon, everyone runs off frightened, leaving Kahlan, Richard and the D'Haran captain behind. Richard disarms the weapon and after fighting the captain he lets him go back to his family.

    We get to see the ugly side of war here, causing fanaticism and hatred equally to those who are right and those who are wrong. By deciding to eliminate a village full of women and children, the resistance applies the same technique as the D'Harans. To fight hatred with hatred only turns you into your enemy, and the end you don't understand the justice you have been fighting for anymore. Revenge is a slippery slope and destruction returns nothing, but more destruction. On the other hand it's difficult to remain calm and objective when you are being abused. The resistance men have lost their families and have suffered torture by the D'Harans, so their emotions have overcome them, making it impossible for them to act rationally. Both sides are only human after all, subjectible to anger, hatred, lust for revenge and cruelty just the same. It is only by maintaining our moral stature in a difficult situation that we raise ourselves above our enemy. And in this episode Richard and Kahlan have proved that their heart is in the right place, and that they serve humanity and justice as a whole.moreless
  • A common enemy does not necessarily make for best friends

    The episode is fast paced and intelligent, blending action with a set of interesting moral dilemmas that turns the phrase 'the enemy of my enemy is my friend' upside down. Richard and Kahlan are working with rebels to try to capture magic weapons being used by the Taharans to wipe out whole villages of innocents who have shown sympathy at all for the resistance. While infiltrating the garrision in order to find out the location of the weapons, Richard forms an unexpectedly close bond with the very likeble and family-oriented captain of the Taharan garrison, and ultimately feels some conflicted emotions between the friendship and his ultimate mission at the root of the deception. Particuarly when he is invited into the Captain's home and learns that his family has been traumatized by the violent actions of the rebels against their loyalist village. Kahlan faces the other side of this coin when the Taharan soldier she confessed is ruthlessly targeted by the vengeful hate-filled rebel soldiers - who don't care that the man is now completely different and defenseless. Bottom line: the Taharans are all not necessarly pure evil and the rebels are not necessarily all good. Strong performances from the stars and also from the guest stars, particularly the charismatic captain of the Garrison.moreless
Dean O'Gorman

Dean O'Gorman

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