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LOTS 24 Hour Birthday Tweetathon - November 1st/2012 :) (with "Power Window

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    Celebrate the 'Legend of the Seeker' Premiere date/Birthday,

    with a NEW 24 hour Tweetathon on Twitter, on Thursday, Nov. 1st/2012. Cool

    Please mark your calendars and join us in the celebration

    This is a 24-HOUR TWEETATHON around the WORLD,

    including a 2-hour "POWER WINDOW" from 12Noon to 2PM ET.

    (the Tweetathon begins as soon as Nov. 1st starts in your country - at 12:00 AM,

    and ends on 12:00 AM on Nov. 2nd - but you can always tweet longer if you want to

    During the Special "Power Window" from 12Noon to 2PM Eastern Time, the hashtag to tweet will then be:


    (check your timezone here: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html )

    During the rest of Thursday, Nov. 1st, (outside of the "Power Window") the hashtag to tweet will be:


    (NOTE the 3's that are replacing the E's in S33Ker - this was changed in order to help this hashtag to trend)

    (We've previously trended #LegendOfTheSeeker, so twitter won't let it trend again)

    Three people that participate in the Tweetathon will win a 'Toasted Toad' plush magnet

    (Winners will be chosen at random)

    Please Spread the word on LiveJournal, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Forums, deviantArt, YouTube, etc..



    Please remember, if you're not able to be on Twitter on Thursday, Nov. 1st/2012,

    you can schedule your tweets in advance with:

    -Twuffer: http://twuffer.com/

    -Twaitter: http://twaitter.com/

    -FutureTweets: http://futuretweets.com/

    (NOTE: Twaitter has been renamed Gremln. The free, basic account only allows 5 tweets per hour.)



    * Please do NOT use the hash-tag #LegendOfTheS33ker or #TeamSeeker at all in any tweets until Thursday, Nov 1st/2012


    The more people that suddenly "rapid-fire" a new hashtag, the better chance it has to trend.

    * Twitter only counts ONE hashtag per Tweet.

    So Please ONLY use ONE hashtag of #LegendOfTheS33ker

    (or ONE hashtag of #TeamSeeker during the "Power Window' of 12Noon to 2PM ET on Nov. 1st/2012)

    -If you use more than one hashtag in a tweet (#), none of them will count.

    * Do NOT swear/curse in your tweets. Twitter will NOT count them towards trending.

    * Please tweet the hashtag of #LegendOfTheS33ker (and #TeamSeeker in the "Power Window") and let people know why and where they should watch 'Legend of the Seeker.' Cool

    (Plus, we are also wanting to continue to let Networks/Executives know that we want more of 'Legend of the Seeker'Cool)

    * Request reruns of LotS Season 1 & Season 2 from the networks.

    * Also Politely let the networks below know why they should pick up the show for a 3rd season or mini-series.

    * Space permitting, include a URL where potential new fans and/or networks can find more information about

    the show and the SaveOurSeeker.com campaign.


    The Networks are:





































    Re-tweeting other fans' tweets can make it easy to join in the fun too.

    To re-tweet another Seeker fan's tweet with the #LegendOfTheS33ker or #TeamSeeker hashtag during the "Power Window", search on twitter for those hashtags.

    (When the search results come up, please click on 'ALL' instead of the default of 'Top', so that you will see ALL of the other Seeker fan's tweets to choose from )

    Please try to retweet the "original" tweet, so that the hashtag doesn't get cut off. (or you can copy/paste them)

    If you try to tweet something exactly the same way that you've already tweeted before, Twitter might *warn* you about that - so you'll have to tweak/adjust your tweet a little bit if that happens.

    (Remember to keep the hashtags the same though )

    You're welcome to re-tweet posts from @SaveOurSeeker, http://twitter.com/SaveOurSeeker

    Follow Seeker Fans, Cast & Crew on Twitter too Cool

    (LotS Fans, and Cast &Crew on Twitter that you can inform about the Tweetathon, and also follow)




    If you've never used Twitter, this is a good reason to start.

    It takes less than 5 minutes to sign up and Twitter is actually very easy to use.

    Go to: http://twitter.com/ to create an account.

    **Helpful Hints for Twitter**



    If you have a 'PRIVATE' Twitter account, you'll need to change it to 'PUBLIC' if you want your Tweets to count towards Trending. (You can always change your account back to Private after the Tweetathon )

    Another option is to create a separate PUBLIC twitter account (which is also a good idea for those of us who go to "Twitter Jail" )

    Rumour has it that you need at least 10 followers so that your tweets count towards "Trends". Please make sure to tweet from your alternative/new Twitter account to let other Seekers know to follow you.

    *Add your twitter account to this thread, or the LOTS Fans,Cast & Crew on Twitter thread: http://kahlanrichardlots.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=s3&action=display&thread=4183 , if you'd like other Seeker fans to follow you**



    This happens when you tweet more than your limit in a day/in an hour, so it's good to have an eXtra Twitter account or two when this happens.

    You can tell when you're in "Jail" as a message will come up saying something similar to:

    "Oops! An Error Has Occurred".

    Then that Twitter account is usually "Frozen" for at least an hour, sometimes more.



    Watch #LegendOfTheS33ker on @Netflix @Netflix_CA @Hulu, @iTunesTV @AmazonVideo and DVD for an overdose of epic.

    @Starz_Channel Check out the #LegendOfTheS33ker fan tables at conventions worldwide, http://www.saveourseeker.com/cons.html

    @CW_network Fans have donated over 450 #LegendOfTheS33ker DVDs to Libraries


    Buy the #LegendOfTheS33ker DVDs to support LOTS http://www.saveourseeker.com/store.html

    @NBCUniversal #LegendOfTheS33ker would be great for a mini series.

    @Netflix @Netflix_CA Hundreds of thousands of Facebook Fans are demanding to see more of #LegendOfTheS33ker


    @DISNEYABCTV #LegendOfTheS33ker would be a great companion to your hit series Once Upon A Time. Please give us more of our epic show.

    @Sho_Network Watch the most eloquent #LegendOfTheS33ker fan videos ever made: http://www.youtube.com/lotsvideo

    "Power Window" eXamples (during 12Noon to 2PM ET of the Tweetathoon)

    Celebrate the Birthday of #TeamSeeker by watching LEGEND OF THE SEEKER

    Watch #TeamSeeker on LEGEND OF THE SEEKER because it has magic, action, romance - the whole package!

    Happy Birthday to the awesome #TeamSeeker

    @DIRECTV Please consider producing a LEGEND OF THE SEEKER Season 3 #TeamSeeker

    Happy Birthday #TeamSeeker An epic gift would be a third Season of LEGEND OF THE SEEKER to enjoy @ABCPublicity @DisneyABCTV


    Thanks to all of the Seeker Fans who have participated in the previous Tweetathons , hope to see you all again on Twitter on November 1st/2012 for the 24 Hour Tweetathon of #LegendOfTheS33ker (including the 2 hour "Power Window" from 12Noon to 2PM ET with the hashtag #TeamSeeker )

    Please mark your calendars, tell all of your Seeker pals, and come join in the fun.


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