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VOTE for 'Legend of the Seeker' on SMGO.TV :) (Phase 2)

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    Hey Seekers!Cool

    Please VOTE for 'Legend of the Seeker' in the next phase of SMGO.TV

    Click on this link to place your Vote -> ->


    (You will need to register on SMGO.TV before you can Vote, but Registration is easy & FREE)

    Once we reach 15,000 votes, SMGO.TV will then reach out to 'Legend of the Seeker' producers.

    More Information on SaveOurSeeker.com's new Tumblr account here:


    **NOTE: Shows cannot transition to the next 'FUNDING' phase without Production Studio approval first.***

    >Information about SMGO.TV here:


    (Banner images by Aci A Gy Cool)

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    please please i am dying to watch season 3

    lovely show dying to watch it

    season 3 should be released

    all fans are requesting it

    we all want season 3 to be launched please!!!!!!

    i unfortunately missed the voting of the tv show the legends of the seeker

    i want to vote for this show

    i love this show

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