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Legend of the Seeker

Season 2 Episode 8


Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jan 16, 2010 on ABC
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Episode Summary

The Mord'Sith Denna captures Zedd, and Richard must leave Kahlan and Cara to go after him, while he makes a difficult choice and aborts his mission to go on a journey that will change his life.

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  • Light

    Light was another perfect and entertaining episode of Legend of The Seeker. I really enjoyed watching this episode because there was a lot of great plot and character development as well as action, drama, and intrigue. I thought it was cool to meet The Sisters of The Light and learn why Richard was getting serious headaches. The story was well written, acted and filmed. There were many character driven scenes along with implications for the future of the series. The action was compelling, the characters were engaging, and the Merswith were pretty cool. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!moreless
  • Awesome Episode. Love it. Love Cara

    Haha awesome episode...

    Denna catches Zedd, and kidnaps him, while Richard starts getting headaches, and has to leave his mission to heal. Cara and Kahlan look for Zedd alone tracking Denna and Zedds tracks by flowers, until Denaa realised what Zedd did, pick up all the flowers and sent men to kill Cara and Kahlan. Meanwhile Richard is trying to get to the palace of the prophets but runs into invisible trouble. Denna trys to trick Cara and Kahlan to believe her and Zedd are dead however, Zedd places a tracer cloud over them, leading to best section of episode.

    Cara to Kahlan "you need to rest" Kahlan "I'm fine" Cara "I need to rest, i'm very tired" (in a sarcastic way - hilarous. Cara never gets tired). Kahlan notices the tracer cloud and says"that cloud its not moving with the others" CARA "why are we discussing the whether"... Cara is HIlarous... Love her best part of the Episode... Serious watched that part so many times. You need to watch to find out what happens. Does Richard get to the palace, does CARA and Kahlan find Zedd. Seriously watch it, its awesomemoreless
  • A really great episode!

    This was a really well done episode! It gave us great insight into how despicable Denna is, that is if we really needed more evidence of this. She is quite the opposite of Cara. After Darken Rahal was killed, Cara really changed and became a better person unlike Denna who remained the same despicable person she was before. This episode also gave us a great new direction for Richard's character to go. I absolutely loved the scene where Richard and Kahlan have to say goodbye to each other. It shows the complete love and devotion that they have for each other. I love how even though the idea of being parted from Richard is extremely painful for her, Kahlan knowns that he has to go because she can not live in a world without Richard. I also love how Cara, without directly saying it, shows how much she cares for Richard. I never get tired of watching this episode.moreless

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    • Zedd: Everyone thinks you're dead, I've given you a second chance, and this is how you use it? More vile schemes? You could be anyone now. A different person. A better person.
      Denna: (doubtful) You think it's possible for me to become a better person?
      Zedd: Yes. (Denna smiles warmly, but is then shot and killed by Cara's arrow)

    • Zedd: You could be merciful.
      Denna: You think I'll let you go?
      Zedd: Of course not! But you could give me a swift death instead of torturing me.
      Denna: But that's the part I enjoy the most.
      Zedd: I've given you a new life, what else do you want?
      Denna: You can't imagine the things I want and you're going to help me get them. You've served the Seeker well, and now, you'll serve me.
      Zedd: Never.

    • (Kahlan notices a strange cloud in the sky)
      Cara: What is it?
      Kahlan: That cloud... it's not moving with the others.
      Cara: Why are we discussing the weather?
      Kahlan: Because that's a tracer cloud, sent by Zedd.
      Cara: The wizard is dead.
      Kahlan: What if those corpses were a trick?
      Cara: You're seeing what you want to see.
      Kahlan: And you're not seeing what's right in front of you! That's a message sent by Zedd!
      Cara: I know you're grieving for the wizard, but you need to be strong enough to accept the truth - that he's dead.
      Kahlan: You're giving up too easily.
      Cara: And you're relying on blind faith.
      Kahlan: That's all we have left.

    • Kahlan: We have no choice. Without a wizard of The First Order to name a new Seeker, we have to find a way into the Old World to get to Richard.

    • Kahlan: You should keep going, you'll move faster alone.
      Cara: Obviously.

  • NOTES (1)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      United Kingdom: March 18, 2010 on Sci Fi/Sci Fi HD
      Germany: May 30, 2010 on ProSieben
      Sweden: October 29, 2010 on TV6