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Legend of the Seeker

Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Nov 22, 2008 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Richard and Kahlan rescue a young child who can read a person's mind by looking into their eyes from the D'Harans. Zedd goes with the D'Harans in disguise while they try to look for the boy so he can gain the D'Harans' trust and get introduced to Darken Rahl.moreless

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  • Listener

    Listener was a really great episode of Legend of The Seeker. I enjoyed watching this episode because there was more character and plot development as both Richard and Kahlan learn more about each other from Renn who is a Listener. It was also cool to see Zedd disguise himself and use more of his magic. This was a fun episode filled with action, drama, intrigue, and surprise. I thought it was cool to see where Richard and Kahlan took Renn to be safe. Richard has found a new ally with the help of Zedd. I look forward to watching the next episode of Legend of The Seeker!!!!!moreless
  • This one was funny.

    I really love this episode. Richard, Kahlan and Zedd come across a boy who can read peoples minds. His name is Renn. He is a cute little boy too! When they rescued Renn he really was not thankful. Also because of Renn Richard was hurt. Renn is so funny in this episode. Kahlan and Richard become fond of him, but have to give him back to his step-father. Then they have to get him back from him. From what I could see, Richard and Kahlan become like parents to him before they hand him over to the sisters of the light. When watching this episode I wanted Renn to stay with them, but I understand what Richard and Kahlan are saying.moreless
  • Great episode . . . I hope to see the character of Ren again.

    I expected a gifted child episode (what series hasn't done it) and this episode didn't disappoint. Listener is my favorite episode so far. The casting department deserves accolades for hiring the young actor who played Ren. I really enjoyed the scenes between Ren, Richard and Kahlan. The secondary story of Zed with the D'Harans was also enjoyable. Its interesting how the simple tying up of the hands renders those with magical powers "helpless." Well, I guess not since Ren "sees all" looking into anyones eyes. The fight scenes are getting better and better; especially Kahlan's. The actress seems to be getting more comfortable with the two knives.moreless
  • A familiar story theme nicely played upon by some clever changes.

    I'm not familiar with the "Sword of Truth" books personnally, but the general storyline of any episode like this is familiar to anyone who's seen a fair amount of TV, particularly sci-fi/fantasy.

    What impressed me the most about LotS take on it was how they didn't make the "child in distress" as tooth-rotteningly sweet & innocent as a lot of other shows might have. The young actor they found to play Ren does a very admirable job of being petulant one moment, and then pulling off a believable switch to the somewhat lost child whose burdened with knowing every little nuance of another's mind.

    The episode is full of humor, a large chunk in the first half hour and centering around Richard & Kahlan trying to wrangle their somewhat reluctant charge.

    Also, it seems like they either had a long talk with their editor concerning the "obligatory slow-motion fight sequences" or they found a new fight coordinator: the skirmishes were surprisingly well choreographed, far better then the ones that came in the episodes before this, and looked somewhat believable (as much as fighting in a fantasy series can, at any rate).

    Spence is as amusing and well-cast as ever in his role as the wise-ass wizard. And it seems as though Horner and Regan are starting to get more comfortable in their respective roles. In particular, one fire-side scene (in which more of Kahlan's past is revealed via Ren), you really begin to see some depth of emotion from both of them.

    All in all, I was more impressed by this episode than any of the others that came previously.

    Here's hoping it's the start of a trend.moreless
  • An episode that caused conflicting emotions for a 'Sword of Truth' reader.

    If I had never read the books, I would have been completely impressed by this episode, but since I do know the story, I know there will be complaints for this episode.

    All in all, the episode was pretty good. It starts off with the main characters, Richard, Kahlan and Zedd spying on evil Darken Rahl's, personal 'Dragon' guard.

    The guards are meeting up with a shady man they are about to do business with. Richard gets upset when he sees that the business they are conducting, is the sale of a young boy, a young boy(a 'Listener') who has the ability to see into people's minds.

    The group is aware this child cannot get into the hands of Darken Rahl because the boy's abilities can reveal to Rahl who his enemies are.(the boy reveals one so called traitor within the present ranks, who immediately gets arrested.)

    As the guards, the 'Listener' and the newly aquired prisoner head off to meet with Rahl, the 'Seeker', 'Confessor,'and 'Wizard' plot to free the boy and infiltrate the guard.

    Disguising himself, then setting loose some 'Shadow People', Zedd approaches the guards camp, pretending to be a ghost hunting wizard and this allows Richard and Kahlan to escape with the boy.

    The group is separated throughout the episode, with Zedd keeping an eye on the potential new traitor ally, and Richard and Kahlan trying to deal with the manipulative child.

    The episode has allot of humor and action, it is a fun and enlightning addition to the show. If I hadn't read the stories, I would have completely enjoyed it, but I can't excuse the untimely mention of the 'Sister's of the Light', and their 'unlikely participation in Kahlans upbringing. It was definitely another liberty the show has taken to separate itself from the true story. It dampened my enjoyment of what could have been the best episode yet.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Zedd tries to disguise himself as an unknown wizard of the first order to the D'Harans. We have also learned that even Darken Rahl knows there have only been three wizards of the first order born in the past seventy years (one being dead, one working for Darken Rahl and the last being Zedd). The D'Harans should not have been calm about finding a wizard of the first order.

    • Book Difference: In this episode, Kahlan goes into her own and her sister and mother's past regarding men. In the books, Kahlan's sister is adopted. During this episode while going into her past she makes no reference to her sister being adopted, even though it would be relevant with what she was telling.

    • Some playing cards in the Midlands include the rose, lion, bull, and star.

    • In this episode, we witness four previously unseen abilities of Zedd's: The ability to alter his appearance, the power to make flowers sprout from the ground beneath his staff, the power to freeze specific creatures and objects in time and the ability to transform a man into a bird, which he says only works in one in a thousand times.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Renn: (Talking about Kahlan) Why haven't you told her what you feel about her?
      Richard: It's complicated. You'll understand when you get older.
      Renn: It's not that complicated. You're just scared she doesn't feel the same way... But you don't have to be scared. She feels the same way you do.

    • Ashgar: Let's see if you're the real thing. What did my wife make me for breakfast the day I left on this expedition?
      Renn: It's not the lumpy porridge and the greasy eggs you're thinking about... It's the black eye she gave you the night before.

    • Richard: We're not stopping to pick blackberries and hunt pheasant.
      Renn: (Referring to Kahlan) Then I guess I'll have to tell her about the secret you've been keeping from her.
      Richard: I don't have any secrets with Kahlan.
      Renn: I'm a Listener. Do you think there's anything you can hide from me? How would you like her to know what you think about when you look at her?
      (Cut to a bit later: Renn is eating pheasant meat with blackberry sauce)

    • Zorander: Young people! Everything is black and white, either or, free the boy, follow the boy! Maybe there's a way we can do both.

    • Renn: He wants to kill me! I saw it, he wants to kill me!
      Kahlan: He's not going to kill you, it's just something that he thought! People sometimes think those sort of things when they're angry.
      Renn: And then they usually do it!
      Kahlan: Oh no, he's not going to do it.
      Richard: I wouldn't be so sure about that.

  • NOTES (1)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      United Kingdom: August 27, 2009 on Sci Fi/Sci Fi HD
      Germany: November 8, 2009 on ProSieben
      Sweden: February 26, 2010 on TV6
      Slovakia: July 11, 2010 on JOJ