Legend of the Seeker

Season 2 Episode 10


Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jan 30, 2010 on ABC
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Kahlan's life is threatened by sorceress Sister Nicci. In the meantime, Richard has to face his worst fear while he is trapped in the Valley of Perdition.

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  • Perdition

    Perdition was a superb episode of Legend of the Seeker and I really enjoyed watching this episode because it was full of magic, intrigue, action and drama. I loved the whole alternate reality Richard was in after entering the Valley of Perdition. I thought this was an interesting way to explore the what if. The writers wrote the characters really well and the actors really portrayed their parts perfectly. I love the suspense this episode had me on the edge a few times. This is one of the best Heroe's Quests on tv today. I look forward to watching the next episode of Legend of The Seeker!!!!!!!moreless
  • Richard is trapped in Perdition where all of his worst thoughts come true.

    Richard is trapped in Perdition where all of his worst thoughts come true. Kahlen finding love with another man and having his child, Zed dead Cara a baneling and he the only man left alive.

    I really enjoyed this episode but was a little disappointed to see the new seeker die. He made a good companion for Cara. It was fun to see her initially squirm but then want to open up to him.

    I was hoping to see the Han returned to Richard when Sister Nicci died. Does this mean that he's not a great wizard anymore or will he get his power back?moreless
  • about this seasons episodes so far I give it "3 thumbs up"

    OK, I'm the first fan to give a review on this episode, well i can say that this episode is at the same level of quality with the past 3 episodes but the ending is kinda dumb. first, about the "new seeker" getting killed, it's kinda sad for Cara. she is so cute when suppressing her feelings. and all actors and actresses in this show are gorgeous. who ever picked the actors or even the extras who played in this show, did a great job. second, about the powerful dark sister who sucked the "Han" or wizard power of Richard, she was killed so easily. i mean with her power, at least she might retreated and regroup to make great battles in the future with her overwhelming power. and third, i love Cara.. and the dark sister that sucked Richard's power... and ok Kahlan too.. ;)moreless
  • Not bad, but not many answers to our questions.

    We find that althought Richard made it out the enchanted castle somehow he gets stucks in the Perdition, a desert like piece of land not to big but is spelled so that whoever enters slips into an illusion, and whatever happens in that illusion happens in real life to that perosn, and nobody has escaped that place in 3000 years. Interestingly our Hero Richard does, but we dont how he does it. People with only the most powerful magic can escape that place and yet we know that Richard gave up all his power to Nicci so that she can help him escape. Answer!

    The rest of richard's gang make it to the enchanted castle with the new Seeker who we find not only "has a good night" with Cara, but Cara also seems to care about him too bad he doesnt know how to use the sword as well as Richard because of his "lack of knowledge" he pays the price with his life. Instead of being told the truth the sisters of life decide to imprison Richard's gang but soon realise whats happening and manage to escape to save Richar only to be confronted by Nicci's gang and a fight ensues where the new seeker gives his life to keep the pure heart of the mother confessor beating. When it seems all is lost Richard manages to escape the land of Perdition and save the day.

    Unaswered Questions: How did Richard manage to escape the land of Perdition?

    If the castle is sealed, how did the spider that helped Nicci escape manage to get in?

    Why is that every time somebody has to fight a wizard its with swords and not wizard powers?moreless
  • Perdition, badder than two . . . really bad . . .bad things. And not in the Michael Jackson good way.

    I hope the next episode isn't this moronic.

    How did Richard enter this desert, when it clearly wasn't anywhere near the way back to his friends? Can the new Mr Friend to the animals seeker be more cheesy? Would Kara really laugh at that feeble chipmunk line? Never mind fall in love with Mr Animal Friend Cheezemeister? Kara reflecting a the Sisters of the Darkness's glaive thingy? Sorry, that's called momentum, not magic. I'm guessing the writers had to stray from the story to make up more episodes, and they hired bad ones, or on the bad side of some good ones. Or even worse, the producer got his way. Scary. If the next episodes are as bad I'll give up on what I thought was a decent show.moreless
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Hannah Tolich

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