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Legend of the Seeker

Season 2 Episode 7


Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jan 09, 2010 on ABC
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Episode Summary

The Mord'Sith Denna returns and uses Richard to take control over the throne that Darken Rahl left behind.

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  • Resurrection

    Resurrection was a perfect and vividly entertaining episode of Legend of The Seeker. I really enjoyed watching this episode because there was a lot of action, drama, intrigue, character and plot development, and cinematography. I love the over all feel of this series and this episode show cases some of the best qualities of the series as do others. I like the magic, the scenery, and the tone. It was great to see Denna again, in a new role, though she was plotting. Darken Rahl was pleased to find a surprise guest in the underworld. Denna was pretty bad in a good way in this episode. I liked her all white leather bondage body suit. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!moreless
  • this season is the one that they should have begun with... seriously it's in the 7th episode now and its going better every episode its so exciting i cant even take my breath every time i watch a new episodemoreless

    This time we see Denna again for the first time this season with big plans this time to take over the D'Haran throne in order to do so. she had to kill Richard and ressurect a general's soul ( a one who was trained to be loyal to her) into richard's body

    i dont wanna spoil it more but this series is a must see if you like this kind of tales its just keep getting better and smarter every episode...

    the only complain about the series is that they have to save the day in every episode so the lack of continuity makes you know that they gonna be fine by the end of the episode no matter what things have been missed up just like supernatural both are good shows but you know no matter they do they will end up safe (oh god i miss prison break for that)moreless
  • Denna is back and she is bringing with her intense mystery that would definitely surprise everyone else, even the Seeker! Simply another electrifying episode! Can't wait to watch the next episode of this highly remarkable show!moreless

    This first episode for 2010 is surely worth the wait. I have been waiting for eternity just to watch this episode since the last one! The show definitely gets better and better each time. The storyline is indeed awesome and keeps you on your feet specially when the action and important story lines come in .. Bringing back Denna is so good to watch. All of them are so beautiful. This is indeed a complete type of a show that does not only entertain but has a lot to offer. My best regards to all the staff, director and crew of this wonderful show! More power to the Seeker!moreless
  • 'Resurrection' sees the return of Denna to the story. Kept on the back burner since 1x16 'Bloodline,' Denna is now Mistress of a brothel, with a side project to take over the D'Haran empire taking place underground.moreless

    The episode begins with Richard, Khalan, Cara and Zed fighting a party of D'Haran soldiers. They uncover a crate of whisperers (short explanation: big magic bomb, kills anything within a hundred mile radius) but one's missing. Khalan whips one of the boys into line via confession and her and Zed head to of to diffuse the bomb. Meanwhile Cara and Richard track the General responsible, finding themselves in a local whorehouse.

    "A General trying to conquer all of D'Hara makes a detour to visit a brothel. Should I pretend to be surprised?" - Cara

    However, they get a little more than they bargain for when it appears that Mistress Denna (played by the gorgeously vindictive Jessica Marais) is the local Madam, making her first appearance since...

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