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  • A crime against the written magic!

    I tried to watch the first 15 minutes of the show, in that time every many point was changed compared to the books. How khalan arrives at zeds house. How zed heals Richard. How Richard learns of the book of shadows. The last one also changes khalan's sister's death. I was heart broken. I have own the books for over a decade and read them many times. I was so disgusted with how many changes in the first few minutes of the show that I HAD to turn it off. This is a true crime against the written magic that was the seeker of truth.
  • Worst ever

    this is the worst imagining of a book to tv i have ever seen, the characters were horribly cast, the show was terribly written, and it is nothing like the book counterparts, which are amazing. The fact that terry goodking let this happen is a huge injustice as i have never seen a book ruined worse than this by a movie or tv show. They obviously didnt give a fuck about the book or its story or the characters within as you can tell if you have ever read them and have an IQ higher than 60. If you loved the books do yourself a favor and dont watch this trash as it will most likely lead you to attempted suicide. Ive never hated a show more than this for ruining my favorite book series, the only reason i gave it a one is because it wouldnt let me go any lower . In my opinion this show should be deleted from all sources and no one should ever be able to watch it, i would rather watch my best friend die over and over on repeat than to watch this shitshow of a tv series.
  • cruel

    This tv series has the worst portray of the saviour. The death toll by him and his company is almost as high as those whom he seeks to destroy. The consequences of his actions are not thought beyond the people just near him. They took months to close the rift something that could be done in days but he just had to make himself feel good by saving anyone he meets instead of thinking of the greater good. He carelessly willingly gave out the strongest han in his time just to be with a woman. I think the seeker should be portrayed as a villain and not a saviour.
  • The Series Does not due Justice to the The Sword of Truth

    If you have ever read The Sword of Truth then this series is not worth seeing unless you can totally separate the two. So many things were left out of the first season that would contribute to future stories. Not only that, the series makes Darken Rahl Richard's brother rather than his father. Season two does not even come close to the second book, The stone of Tears. I'm truly surprised that Terry Goodkind would allow such a bastardization of his books.
  • hi every one

    i want watch 3rd season

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  • Mediocre at best.

    There is simply no meat to the show -it can pretty much be summed up by 'goody two shoes' with slow motion killing and angst-y romance; all of which comes with a healthy serving of 'sex appeal' ala topless dudes and scantly clothed chicks.

    Season 1 was mostly painful.

    The first chunk of season 2 was good, then it dropped, then it picked up towards the end and then becomes awful again at the end.

    Cara and Zed are my favorite characters by far, with Cara being the only one of the main line up to actually have notable character development.

    There are brilliant shows out there that were cancelled before their time, this is not one of them.
  • we want season 3

    please please i am dying to watch season 3

    lovely show dying to watch it

    season 3 should be released

    all fans are requesting it

    we all want season 3 to be launched please!!!!!!
  • hello

    welcome you to the legend of the seeker season 3 appears that wait to watch season 3 season 1 and 2 are super well made true friends wanted answered a nice thank you
  • no need to make more ...

    why so many kids like this tv show is ... just strange to me ... i think they are sick in the head :o " maybe brain dead " but there u go xP
  • Absolutely adored it!!

    This is such a majestic show! So what if it can seem cheesy from time to time, what show doesn't? So what if the actors aren't the best, the way they get the job done is more than enough for me. I couldn't do any better, and I admire their skill. So what if it doesn't stay faithful to the book series, the basic story is still practically the same, the wonderful world is the same, and it gives people all the more reason to read the book series. I've heard about this show before the book series, and if it was exactly like the books, I wouldn't be motivated to read them. This huge difference between the show and the book series is what makes it all so much fun. It's like telling the same story, but from different perspectives. And I'm extremely grateful to this show for introducing me to such a wonderful, magical universe and setting me on such an exquisite adventure. If it wasn't for this glorious show, I wouldn't have known about the books, or probably wouldn't have been interested enough to read them in the first place. I can agree that Richard here seems a bit annoying, more of a 21 century guy than a man of medieval times. But you can still enjoy his character and his quirks. This show may not live up to the magic of the books, as so many of you say, but it shines by being just the way it is. And maybe if people would stop taking everything so damn seriously, if they'd just lighten up a bit, and stop being so bitter and judgmental, the show would still be going. I absolutely love this show, watched it like 4 times, because it was just that magical. You get used to the character's quirks, and learn to not let the little flaws ruin the wonders this show provides. It's meant to entertain, not compete with the books.
  • One of the best shows ever made

    Easily one of the best shows ever made. The popularity of this show has only grown over the years, and it's a shame that they are wasting such an amazing franchise by not making more seasons or a movie. The storytelling is fun, mildly campy but also very serious when it counts. Overall, a compelling show that comes about as close to perfect as any show has ever been.
  • Horrid Horrid Butcher of Source Material

    My question:

    How on Earth could those of you who read the books like or support this show? If you never read the books, ok, I could maybe get it, but if you read the books?

    How? What? A huge part of what makes the Sword of Truth series what it is is the author's intimate love with Objectivism, a concept pretty much thoroughly missing in the tv series. For those of you who say you read the books and like the show, do you even know what Objectivism is? Have you ever pondered the concept of 'rational self-interest?'

    Please, I seriously wonder how someone could read the books and still be so far off the rails, and would love to understand how this happens.

  • Legend Of The Seeker

    Awesome Tv am in love with Bridget an actress!!!!!!!!!!what a performance
  • we want to bring back season 3,4,5,6,7...

    please bring back legend of the seeker
  • Bring Back Season 3,4,5

    Bring back Legend of the seeker!! It Is an awesome show i hated seeing it go. I've read all the books and would really like to see more of the show please!!!
  • I really want season 3, 4 and 5.

    I am looking forward to have another seasons, and I am very excited!!!
  • Season 3

    waiting season 3. Hopping to see the most amazing Kahlan Amnel. excellent be back soon.........

  • please

    season 3 please :(
  • Great Series for TV, but a swing and a miss for fans

    The Sword of Truth series follows the experiences Richard Cypher as he grows into Richard Rahl lord of D'Hara and his Wife Kahlan Amnell as she grows in to the Mother Confessor she is supposed to be. The books are a typical High Fantasy, Hero Quest: it delivers.

    Unfortunately, the TV Series is a swing and a miss. The story vastly wavers from the book. Though it does this, sadly in places where it really shouldn't have; it delivers a great TV show. As a fan I take though show with a grain of salt. It is after all: "The Legend of The Seeker" and legends can be retold many different ways.
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  • best serie its so amazing

    THe best series ever!!!!!

    This film is definitely a good experience the Word of the third season 3 the way, please, please be pulled
  • ",,,will you be on the side of righteousness or against it?"

    The ONLY reason I rated this series a 9.5 instead of a 10 is because it was canceled. It broke my heart when I found out they weren't continuing the show. I completely fell in love from the first episode to the last and would probably shake and pee myself like a puppy in excitement if they brought it back and made more seasons! PLEASE SAVE OR SEEKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I changed my Mind. Even though it was canceled the show was so amazing it deserves a 10. Please come back!!)
  • Good show

    Good show!!
  • Legend of the TV shows

    I love books, dramas and movies, and I am always looking for good ones. This is one of the best TV shows (I love the books, too!) I have seen last ten years! At the end of the Season 2, I foresaw many side lines that would surely be unveiled in the later series. I am sure that there are many people who want to see the Season 3, 4 and 5 of this wonderful series and if they promote them right, in a country like Japan whose young people love fantasies more than anything else, this show will make a huge success beyond imagination. So please make Season 3, 4 and 5 while breath of life by Mord Sith still works. (Sorry, only the fans can understand the last part)
  • Save our Seeker

    Come back come back !!!

  • Bring this series back!!!! SAVE OUR SEEKER!!!!!!!

    I absolutely love this series!!! I wish there had been more seasons. I was hooked from the first episode. This was the best series I have EVER watched! If you are not a fan, then there is something seriously wrong with you!
  • Legend of the Seeker season 3 please

    This is a great show; I love the character dynamics.
  • I want Legend Of The seeker season 3

    Richard, Kahlan, Cara and Zed. My favourite characters. I love them!