Legend of the Seeker

Season 2 Episode 22


Aired Saturday 8:00 PM May 22, 2010 on ABC

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  • Not good ending; to a not good series.

    Ok, so the whole reason why they never killed and even protected Rahl was because he would tell the Keeper exactly where to go and what to do with the Stone of Tears.

    So Richard just tells literally the biggest secret he knows to a random boy; that could have easily been a baneling -let alone that if he died, he would have told the Keeper?. . .that be some grade A writing right there.

    Not to mention that apparently telling a bunch of monks to just kill a child under the protection of the Seeker -is a better idea than say just warning the Seeker about the child and letting him deal with the mortal Keeper.

    After being hit over the head throughout the season about the prophecy saying he will hand the stone to the bad guys. . .I'm glad to see that did exactly that, while im no tactical genius -I think personally I would have went with the "no one but me touches the damn thing" policy.

    Also apparently no confessor in the history of that world has ever had sex with their 'true love' ever, like ever -else they would have known that 'Love' pwns confessor powers. . .lol
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  • Tears


    Tears was a perfect finale to the second season of Legend of The Seeker. I really enjoyed watching this episode because there was a lot of action and it was cool how all the various groups of characters were all headed towards the same place with different intentions. There was a lot of Magic as well as Mord Sith Action which is always fun. I liked how the story played out. In some ways Declan reminded me of Hope, the daughter of Gabrielle from Xena Warrior Princess. All the major players went through a lot in this episode and in the end every thing played out in a perfect way. I loved the visual effects and the over all quality of the production. I only wish there was more to watch!!!!!!!!!

  • Corny? Hell no, who said romance is dead?

    I really don't want to give any spoilers for those that haven't decided to watch LoTS yet, so i'll be as objective as possible. Season I was magical, Season II was so much more, and now that this is the end i honestly don't know what show to watch. There's nothing quite as exiting in this genre as Legend of the Seeker, so much potential, fantasy and such an incredible actor chemistry, emotions feel somewhat realistic with this bunch. The romance between Keeper and Confessor is legendary, epic. This episode finally shows some optimism regarding that love and it has quite the romantic tendency. But before that, lots of effect, fights, mysteries and an end to an era. IT IS A GREAT ending. Romance is what gives true life to series/movies, normally such an ending would be predictable and quite annoying if it would be other series, but not this one, NO, Legend of the Seeker was meant to end this way, and here's hoping for it's continuation...Cheers!
  • Legend of The Lame Endings.

    I have watched this show from the beginning. And yah, there were bumps in the road, and things you had to let slide, but overall it was a decent show.
    What the heck happened to the ending? Nothing makes any sense. It's all just WT*Bleep*. The Whole Last Season Was For Nothing. The Stone of Tears, the thing they had been searching for, for the entire season, and all that had to happen is that Kahlan had to cry on Richard?!? Please tell me they were kidding. And then Richard wakes up from his dream and we can see the real ending to this show. Love conquers all? Give me a break. There have been Seekers and Confessors that were in love since the dawn of time, and yet; A) Love conquers all never worked for them. B) So now your telling me all that Richard and Kahlan having to be apart, and it being dangerous for them, that has been going on since the beginning of the show, all that was a load of hooey? Lame, Lame, LAME! I could have written a better ending to this show while going to the bathroom.
    I wont even go into, "Hey Richard, you see a glittering magical something or other coming at you, you hide, hit the deck, get out of the way..." Nope, I guess that just makes way to much sense. Unlike this last episode, which didn't make any sense.
  • richard goes head to head with the keeper of the underworld....

    i dont know what to really think of the finale.everytime i watch it i have mixed emotions.

    i mean i love the action.i love when the confessor get confess by nicki,and nicki order her to kill the mord sith.

    i love how cara and zed were trying to get kahlan back from nicki being under her control.

    i love how all the mord siths were told by richard brother to help them stop nicki.

    i love how the keeper was pretending to be alittle boy i thought that was a good twist and i love how the profecy came true. richard gave the stone of tears to the keeper.

    last but not least i love how kahlan kills richard in the end.

    now with all that there was some things i didnt not like one bit.

    i didnt like how richard and kahlan could finally be together seeing as it as been said time out and time again that confessors would detray a person soul if they were a couple.thats why confessors dont take people they love.part of me like the end were richard and kahlan got to be a couple but part of me isnt liking it b/c the fact they said love conquers all.i mean there as been lots of other seekers and confessors in love and it didnt work for them so why did it work from our seeker and confessor.now that part i cant get over.

    i didnt like how easy it was to destory the keeper.i thought it would take just alittle bit more effort than it did.

    i didnt like the fact nicki came back to life but in the books she has a big part to play.i guess i just dont like nicki and wanted her to stayed dead when she died at cara hands.cara needs to kill nicki again lol

    and i didnt like how the show wasnt pick back up for a season 3.

    with all that been said.i like this episode but i have seen better episodes from this show.
  • Oh man, that Richard shoulda had more faith in prophecies! Bye Seeker, I'll miss you!

    I gotta say I was worried last week when Zedd found himself in an alternate world, but they fixed that up right away. Good. Other than no BFF/girlfriend for Cara, everything else seemed the same and we got our old team back. Sadly the team was separated right away though, then a whole mess of things went down. I kind of feel like too much happened honestly...but that's okay because they fixed it in the end.

    Richard went off to save the day on his own...but as prophecy said, he was tricked by the Keeper who was disguised as a kid. Hah, great trick Keeper, good ol' Richard is definitely a sucker for anyone in peril. Kind of a massive fail there Richard! He was sorta lame throughout most of the episode...but whatever, everyone else made up for it. Awesome Sister of the Light Verna returned to help out the team, so it was good to see her. It was also good to see Sister Nicci back, scheming to rule the world. It was crazy when she confessed Kahlan! And then Kahlan got the Condar, and even Nicci's death didn't release her from confession. Intense!

    From another point of view was Zedd and Cara's attempts to save Kahlan, which was also great to watch. I loved when Cara slapped that other Mord Sith and took charge. Awesome (and hot). Then there was the touching scene where Zedd told her she wasn't weak for not wanting to kill Kahlan.

    So in the end Kahlan kills Richard, and he says he loves her right before dying. Heartbreaking! We knew it wouldn't last though, and of course Cara brought him back. Then we also see Rahl bringing back Nicci and making her his slave. Heh. I definitely didn't see the new stone of tears coming though, and it was almost lame...but then the prophecy told of it, so it makes sense. Everyone lives happily ever after (at least in the short-term), and Kahlan can really be with Richard now. Sure, maybe the whole thing is lame -- but I bought it! I loved the episode, and loved the show, and I'll definitely miss it.
  • perfect ending to a fun series.

    this was a big, fiery, nail biter of an episode that finished the series off with a flourish. Great fight scenes, great twists and turns, lots and lots of action. I'm sad to see this show end but what a great way for them to go. I loved the spell of undoing - it felt like they were spinning the wheel not knowing where it would stop - the ultimate gamble. i'm going to miss the characters a lot. I grew very fond of them. Thanks to the show producers and cast for many hours of great entertainment and a happy ending.
  • Lots of killing, beautiful women in very tasteful clothing, a weird kid but in the end, it's all about love. C'MON!

    I have to get this out of me first; for a fantasy show, Legend of the seeker must have the highest kill rate out there. It was like every person in the show must have died and been brought back at least once. If it wasn't the mor'd sith's breath of life then it was as banelings. Only the lucky ones got to live once. Ironic isn't it?

    Anyway, everything happens as the prophecies had predicted. Richard hands the stone to the keeper but just when all hope is lost…Walla! A new stone appears all because Richard loves Kahlen and vice versa. We have known that since the 6th or 7th episode in Season 1 and yet it becomes relevant now? Honestly I was hoping for a more epic ending where the creator herself gets of her lazy ass instead of writing prophecies and battles the keeper. I mean the keeper got tired of his minions, why didn't the creator? Yes they were doing an incredible job blah blah blah but still man, this was the series finale, a few more fireworks would have really helped end this series with a bang.

    Still not a bad run, and it was fun while it lasted. If you watch Spartacus: Blood and Sand you might have noticed some of the actors in that show in this episode. Hopefully Richard and Kahlen can find another series to act in.