Legend of the Seeker

Season 2 Episode 4


Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Nov 28, 2009 on ABC

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  • Touched

    Touched was a truly perfect and very entertaining episode of Legend of The Seeker. This episode had a great combination of story lines and character development. I loved the scene where Kahlan sings and the Night Wisps reveal themselves. It was interesting to learn about Annabelle and I enjoyed the back story behind her life in the tower. The actors were perfect in their parts and some of the choices they made were surprising. I was glad to see how things turned out and now the Seeker has a new tool to aide him. I look forward to watching the next episode of Legend of The Seeker!!!!!!!
  • An unpredictable, unusual, consistently engrossing adventure of a kind that has almost...

    An unpredictable, unusual, consistently engrossing adventure of a kind that has almost disappeared from television. This show inspires me with its story and philosophy.
    In this episode we're seeing different worlds of the life of two confessors. On kahlan's side we see how she lived her life with unfulfilled desires, misery, and her struggle to find her one true love. In this episode we're reminded that the love that she wishes for isn't going to happen. We were told that it isn't the same with confessors. They serve a higher purpose but their gift makes the love that they desire impossible. Their only choice left is to take a mate not for love but to continue their line of duty.
    This is sad for her part because she had been waiting for that day to come but she feels like hope is far from her reach. She loves Richard but she loves him so much that she doesn't want him to be overwhelmed by her power and given the possibility of losing his soul forever. In the book, we knew what would happen to kahlan and Richard but in this episode we see a different world in her own eyes. It seems like her hope is fading away.

    In the story of the other Confessor, Anabell, she strives to experience the world just like any other confessor and everyone else who had experienced it. But she couldn't since she's being locked in a tower. Because of that, all she could wish for is to travel into distant lands, fall in love, experience the agony of life and die with dignity. When she was given the chance to escape and have the freedom she deserves, we saw how confessors can become. She fought at all cost to finally experience life and be with someone without realizing that she will put lives at risk, especially the Seeker's life, which she had accomplished when she confessed him. Because of that event, we realized how dangerous confessors can become especially at their desperate situations..

    On the other hand, despite all the flaws of a confessor, the Seeker's beliefs and morals still proves to be never ending. Kahlan realized that Richard will never use magic to force someone to act against their will so she held back the part that was craving to make love with him when he was confessed. That simply tells us that the essence and power of the seeker even when he is confessed, is still inside the hearts of people and more importantly Kahlan. This episode is merely a reminder of what Confessors truly are and the danger that lies ahead through their hands.
  • Knowing that you are the last of your kind and there's a chance that you'd lose the one you love, what would you do? A very compelling episode.

    This episode has really touched me. It has a very great storyline that will definitely make you feel that how would it be if you are in the same position! Superb acting by the casts especially by Kahlan, the last of her kind Confessor! This episode showed us a tremendous atmosphere between the battle for love and being the last of your own kind. I give this episode a perfet 10 for once again, the battle of reasons was indeed intense! You cannot blame the innocent child because of her situation when she confessed the Seeker! Yet, you get that feeling you'd like to kill her as well. Great acting, superb, direction, excellent story.