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American crime drama Legends is based on the 2005 book Legends: A Novel of Dissimulation by master spy novelist Robert Littell. The main character Martin Odum (Sean Bean) is an undercover agent working for the FBI's Deep Cover Operations (DCO) division. He can alter himself and his personality into a different person for each job as needed - a fake identity or "legend". Martin has a gift for deep cover, so much so that he often has a difficult time establishing where his "legend" ends and his real life begins. When a stranger plants seeds of doubt that Martin Odum himself is a "legend", he questions who he really is. His partner is Crystal McGuire (Ali Larter), a fellow operative and she has a history with Martin. The series was developed by Howard Gordon, Jeffrey Nachmanoff and Mark Bomback. The first season consists of ten episodes and at the end Martin finds out he may have been an MI6 operative.

Season two moves the setting from Los Angeles and takes the storyline to different countries and flashbacks to Martin Odum's childhood at a traditional British boarding school and scenes from Prague in 2001 where he had assumed the identity of "Dmitry Petrovich". Identity is the main theme of the second season and deals with the question of "Who is Martin Odum?".


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  • Sean Bean

    Sean Bean

    Martin Odum / Dmitry Petrovich

    Steve Kazee

    Steve Kazee

    Curtis Ballard

    Winter Ave Zoli

    Winter Ave Zoli

    Gabriella "Gabi" Miskova

    Klára Issová

    Klára Issová

    Ilyana Crawford

    Aisling Franciosi

    Aisling Franciosi

    Kate Crawford

    Kelly Overton

    Kelly Overton

    Nina Brenner

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    • My rating is 6 / 9.5

      For people stumbling onto this in the future, this is actually two very different shows: first season is a typical, contrived cop procedural. Second season is a clever international spy thriller, which tells a single, well rounded story through ten episodes. I'd give the first season a 6, and the second one a 9.5.

      And no, you don't need to see the first season to watch the second one. It's a whole new story, in a whole new setting, with whole new characters. Sean Bean and his black friend are actually the only two characters who appear in both seasons.moreless
    • Good and bad

      The best part about the show is Sean Bean's compelling character. And that's about it. This show is like almost every other TV crime drama when it comes to diversity. Oh there plenty of that among the "good guys", but the villains were an assortment pf Southern redneck militia and military contractors - all lily white males. At the beginning of episode 7, they give you a head fake about the Muslim planning to assassinate the Saudi prince but I knew as soon as I saw him that the real villain will be one of the whitest TV actors in Hollywood, the CEO of an evil energy company. Enough of the racial pandering!

      I stuck with season 1 mainly because Bean was a great compelling lead. After a few episodes of season 2, I just give up. With all the flitting from year to year and place to place, I just can't keep track of what is actually going on. The heavy accents making much of the dialogue incomprehensible don't help.moreless
    • Great show

      Very good show wonderful acting great action everything about this show is good
    • Time for to get up to date with this show

      Well, looks like is behind the curve yet again. As announced back in August, and posted on every other site, Legends has been completely revamped, with a new setting and entirely new supporting cast. But go ahead, guys, just ignore it all and pretend it's still 2014.
    • Such a fantastic, clever and engaging show!

      I'm so glad that it got a second season and am already deeply engaged just 2 episodes into the second season. Awesome show, can't wait for more!

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