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American crime drama Legends is based on the 2005 book Legends: A Novel of Dissimulation by master spy novelist Robert Littell. The main character Martin Odum (Sean Bean) is an undercover agent working for the FBI's Deep Cover Operations (DCO) division. He can alter himself and his personality into a different person for each job as needed - a fake identity or "legend". Martin has a gift for deep cover, so much so that he often has a difficult time establishing where his "legend" ends and his real life begins.  When a stranger plants seeds of doubt that Martin Odum himself is a "legend", he questions who he really is. His partner is Crystal McGuire (Ali Larter), a fellow operative and she has a history with Martin. The series was developed by Howard Gordon, Jeffrey Nachmanoff  and Mark Bomback. The first season consists of ten episodes.

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  • Not up to par so far

    But the show hasn't lost me yet

  • This show needs nine more seasons, please.

    Legends is one part Bourne Identity and two parts 24 -- and good enough to be mentioned in their ranks. Tight writing, edgy storytelling, big screen acting talent and enough ties to real life to keep you on the edge of your sofa. The first few episodes introduce the ideas and characters, but the last four especially bring the show to Oscar worthy levels. If you like bad ass agents and well conceived conspiracies without elements of the supernatural (which, it seems, everyone is doing these days) then you owe it to yourself to watch Legends.moreless
  • Best deep-cover special agent series yet!

    My wife and I love this series, and are looking forward to next season! Great casting (love Sean Bean and Ali Larter, but also casts great bad guys, from new FBI director Marshall Bell and private military contract (Verax) owner Chance Kelly), great underlying story of Sean Bean's character (still digging to find his true identity) which keeps you engaged but don't need to think too hard (very enjoyable). 9 stars - great series!moreless
  • Come and play Everything's A-OK ....

    Friendly neighbours there, That's where we meet, can you tell me how to get, How to get to Sesame Street !!........

    Seriously the script writing is utterly trite. Hysterical stereotypes about as complex as a 1st grade student can understand.

    Apparently the only thing that people in Saudi (pronounced mind numbingly as SODDY Arabia) give a damn about is womens rights. Clearly they dont have any other grievances with a regime propped up by the US for decades. And now the SODDY king considers himself a vessel of God? Writers seem to have full creative license to invent rubbish as it enters their amoeba sized brains. Saudis are not Catholics! Perhaps the writers experience of faith is limited to his sunday schooling as a child.

    If this turns into a propaganda show about US values over the rest of the world, it will deserve to go in the trash. Pitty, cos Bean seems to have put some effort into his acting. Could have become deep and original. Shallow and stupid seems the way its going..moreless
  • Snowball Show

    Not a good start for this show. The first two episodes were blah.. Main thing was that you had no idea about what was going on with this guy. There was really no buildup or where it was going

    But at the series progresses, it gets better and better. Much better

    I have always been a Sean Bean fan and am so happy he is back on the telly. He makes the show.

    It is now better with him foregoing the Septic accent. I hope it is renewed for another season..moreless

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    Clear your November calendar, y'all!

  • BOOM

    TNT Delays Legends and Moves Up a 1960s Cop Drama

    Sean Bean, master of disguises, will return much later than we thought!

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