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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • The Legend of Alexei Volkov

      In present day Prague, Martin makes a deal with the Russians to rescue Kate. President Arsanov's plan for Kate moves forward in Chechnya. Gabi struggles to decide what to do about her husband. In 2004, Dmitry asks one last favor of Terrence. The last pieces of the puzzle to understanding Martin Odum's true identity are revealed via a flashback to 1972.

    • The Legend of Gabi Miskova

      A threat on a summit is investigated by Martin and Nina, who search for Tamir's associate in present-day Prague. Elsewhere, two assassins spin a deadly plan into motion; Tamir's wife gives orders to Beslan; and Dmitry struggles to complete his mission.

    • The Legend of Doku Zakayev

      Martin works for Tamir in present-day Prague. Meanwhile, Gabi confronts Blazek about his shadowy activity; Kate is held prisoner in the president's compound in Chechnya; and suspicions rise about Dmitry and Ilyana.

    • The Second Legend of Dmitry Petrovich

      Kate goes missing in present-day Prague. Also, Martin makes a risky proposition; Gabi learns that Blazek may have dangerous ties to Tamir; Dmitry is threatened in 2001 Prague; and suspicions rise about Terrence.

    • The Legend of Tamir Zakayev

      Martin prepares Kate for a perilous mission in present-day Paris. Meanwhile, Gabi confronts intelligence agents in Prague; a vulnerability in Dmitry is discovered; and Alex is recruited for a distinguished position.

    • The Legend of Terrence Graves

      Kate is offered a deal by Nina and an M16 agent in modern-day Paris, to Martin's chagrin. Meanwhile, Ballard convinces the FBI to allow him to take down Martin; Ilyana is enlisted as an operative in 2001 Prague; and Terrence's secrets emerge.

    • The Legend of Ilyana Zakayeva

      Kate becomes a fugitive in modern-day Paris, so Martin puts her into hiding. Meanwhile, Ballard unearths information that could lead him to Martin, and Ilyana asks Dmitry for a dangerous favor in 2001 Prague.

    • The Legend of Curtis Ballard

      Martin races against time in a search for Kate in Paris. Meanwhile, Dmitry discovers a key to getting close to Doku Zakayev in 2001 Prague, and Ballard gets swept up in a life-changing incident in 1991 Lithuania.

    • The Legend of Kate Crawford

      Martin makes contact with a woman who may be linked to his past. Meanwhile, Dmitry embarks on a mission in 2001 Prague to find a wanted war criminal, yet concerns rise that Dmitry may be going too far with his infiltration techniques.

    • The Legend of Dmitry Petrovich

      Season 2 kicks off with Martin Odum hiding out in present-day London and searching for clues about his identity with help from a CIA agent. Elsewhere, an investigation is launched into a Russian gangster.

  • Season 1