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Legends & Lies

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"News is the first draft of history. It is immediate and takes place in real time. Legends take longer to develop and are sometimes based on myth. The Fox News series looks at the truth behind the legend."

Dermot Mulroney does the voice-overs for Fox News Channel's historical docudrama episodic specials, Legends & Lies: The Real West. Ten hour-long episodes will recount stories of well-known characters of this country’s Western expansion in the 19th century. The characters include Jesse James, Doc Holliday, James Hickok, Kit Carson, David Crockett, Black Bart, Billy the Kid, George Custer, Bass Reeves and Butch Cassidy. The series promises that in each case, they will "separate the legend from the lie". Bill O'Reilly is executive producing the project, which is being produced by Warm Spring Productions, the makers of History’s Mountain Men, Animal Planet’s American River Renegades and HGTV’s Log Cabin Living. O'Reilly appears onscreen in each episode, providing analysis and commentary with historians and other experts and descendants of the subjects. The second installment, Legends & Lies: Patriots, profiles figures who shaped the country’s early days.

The second edition, Legends & Lies: The Patriots, consists of 12 hour-long episodes profiling historical events and figures tied to the American Revolution and the founding of our country. The first nine installments will run during the summer 2016 with an additional three to air in December including a Christmas special on Washington’s crossing of the Delaware River.

The third edition, Legends & Lies: The Civil War, began airing March 25, 2018.


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