Legends of Chima

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Legends of Chima

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A new Lego cartoon based show about the interactions between animal tribes of Chima who compete and fight for the mystical power of CHI, which the lion clan are charged with protecting.

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AIRED ON 11/22/2014

Season 3 : Episode 15

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  • Another derivative show

    This show, to me, is obviously a rip-off of Thundercats. I have seen some shows that seem unoriginal, and this one is particularly one of them.
  • Come on. My boys love this show!

    I have to say, I have never really watched it, but I don't guess, it's on the grown ups, to rate this show.

    All my boys (ages 4-9) are very big fans of this show. As much as they love the Chima toys, by the way.

    So. In the name of my kids, I should give this show at least a ten!

  • Not as great as Ninjago

    Series Premire: This is basically a rip-off of Thundercats with an anthromorphic lion as the main character and reptiles as villains. The voices are pretty annoying. But to be fair, it's not the worst thing I've ever seen. The music and battle scenes are pretty decent. Overall, this show isn't too bad, but Ninjago is far superior.

    Television: After watching the television show, I knew this was utter crap. The second episode was about protecting a flower on a road. Seriously, that was mostly it.moreless
  • This had potential, but failed to show it

    Okay, This show needs a lower score than 4 to be convincing. Let me rant on the characters first. I`ll tell you whats wrong with them.

    The Lions: They are too idealist and noble to feel convincing. I read that thier biggest weakness is having to break the rules if they really have to.

    The Eagles: They are too confused as they are the zoned out tribe in Chima. ike the lions, too idealist and not really developed.

    Crocidiles: They act too vile and have no redeeming qualities. Plus, the scene where Crooler keeps hypnotizing Cragger is overused.

    The Ravens: I dont know why they are portrayed as just thieves. I read ravens are smarter than eagles and out of all the tribes, they are the closest to being funny but still fail.

    Wolves: Like the crocidiles, are too evil to be convincing and their voice actors sound unconvincing.

    Gorrilas: They seem to be too mellow and dont seem to feel real in personality either.

    The other tribes got the short end of the stick but I dont wanna rant too much. The voie actors dont seem to feel right. The animals sound like kids almost and the diolauge would get a D if rated. Also, I hate how the shows writers gave us a world where personalities are black and white. I learned in English class that when writing characters, a hero should not be all good and a villian not be all bad but basiclly, that is what I see when I watch this show. Next, the show also has viechals and that feels wrong. First off, its like civilization restarted in the Chima land and it feels wrong that the modern viechals are in this world. Plus, as I`m watching this show, why do I keep feeling the speedors are a subliminal advertising ploy. The episodes get a D minus in quality and I can barley give it that grade. It deserves an F-. The episodes feel they speed through to plots. Most of the scenes feel too short or too long. Also, when the animals fight, why do none of them get killed or even remotly injured? Reality is`nt really shown in this show. Lego, Ninjago may have done but Legends of Chima, dont renew for season 2. Just end it with the 1 season.moreless
  • C'mon, it's not that bad!

    I'm not sure why everyone is so down on this show. I really liked it. Great action, great stories. It's this beautiful lush, "realistic" world and... all the characters are lego! How bad can it be! Laval, Cragger, Eris... all great characters. Gorzan makes laugh. I like the toys too, so it doesn't bother me that they made a show out of them. It's one of my favorite shows on CN.moreless

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