Legends Of The Hidden Temple

Season 1 Episode 1

Galileo's Cannonball

Aired Unknown Jan 01, 1993 on Nickelodeon

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  • I. LOVE. This. Episode!

    This episode is extraordinary! This is the first victory, maybe the first episode. Olmec said Galileo invented PIZZA! I laughed out loud, so did Kirk Fogg. But the best part of the episode was... the Temple Run! Jennifer ran into the temple, but was taken out. Then, Jammin' Jon BLAZED through the top floor untill he came to the Torch Room. He jumped into the elevator and descended towards the Mineshaft, where the cannonball was, sitting on a foam block. Jon dashed toward the cannonball, grabbed it, and came out with... one second left! Their trip to the Bahamas was well deserved.
  • Galilieo's Cannonball

    taken from Nicklegends:

    This temple run was quite memorable for its exciting finale. The girl races into the temple at the start and follows the bottom path until a temple guard seizes her in the Throne Room. She then passes up to the Heart Room, and races left to the Shrine where a second temple guard takes her out. A second less than two minutes remain when Jon races into the Cave of Size and follows his partner's footprints. He manages to pass through the Shrine and the Torch Room successfully, and he rides the elevator ever so slowly to the Mine Shaft. He grabs the Cannonball at forty-four seconds to go, but he takes a strange route getting back. With the seconds ticking down, Jon makes it back to the Cave of Size, DROPS THE CANNONBALL, but recovers it at the last few seconds of the run. Desperately, he darts out of the temple and through the torches for the incredible one-second win, and the trip to the Bahamas! Ironically, the team also won a telescope for their efforts.