Legends Of The Hidden Temple

Season 1 Episode 5

John Henry's Lost Hammer

Aired Unknown Jan 01, 1993 on Nickelodeon

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  • Green Monkey Disqualification

    In relation to the Green Monkey Disqualification, if you watch the moat run carefully you will see the 2nd green monkey player who rode the board fall into the water just before reaching the other side of the stage. As with the Blue Barracuda player, if you fall into the water beforehand, you have to start over. Instead, the green monkey player swam through the remaining way and climbed out to hit the gong. Disqualified!!
  • Decent episode.

    This episode wasn't perticularly stellar, but it was still a good episode. It is also a perfect example of when a speedy tactical genious was paired up with on of the most dimwitted players in the show's history. Billy and Kim made it into the temple. Kim went first. BAD IDEA! She had no idea of what to do in the Wall Climb, untill Kirk told her to "push the buttons". She then slowly ran through, untill she was (thank goodness!) taken out. Billy, who was an extremely smart player, entered, bt it was too late. Time ran out. As the saying goes, "never send the slow-witted player into the temple first". On a different note, the Green Monkeys were disqualified at the Moat, but nobody knows why.
  • John Henry\\\'s Lost Hammer

    Although it appears the team made decent progress towards the artifact, this temple run was absolutly pitiful. The first person obviously had never heard of an actuator, so when she was in the Wall Climb, she knocked on doors helplessly until Kirk shouted \\\"push the buttons\\\" loud enough for her to hear. She chose to go into the Heart Room, where she was caught by a very late temple guard, and in Throne Room below, she got taken out (thankfully). The second person knew his plan, and actually made it quite far in the minute he had, but he had no prayer of making it to the artifact in time. NOTE: During the moat, the Green Monkeys were disqualified for a circumstance that was not made very clear.
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