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  • Stupid show!

    I hate it but I watched it once...Legends of the Hidden Temple was a show that aired in mid-September 1993. Kirk Fogg, the host, would be introduced by Olmec, a large talking rock in the middle of the stage. Kirk Fogg would ask Olmec what legend they'd hear about that day, and Olmec would name a historical figure and an item used by them. (i.e. Galilleo's Cannonball, The Mysterious Manuscript of Mary Shelley, the Lost Lion Tale of Little John, etc.) Kirk would then repeat what Olmec said and would then introduce the teams.
  • No one ever wins!

    I remember watching this show after school when I was younger and no one ever got to the temple! It was one of those things where I couldn't change it because of the off chance that maybe someone would win, I swear I don't ever remember someone winning, it was so frustrating but then again I doubt I watched every episode. I do remember though that the temple sets were really neat so that’s why I didn't give it a totally sucky rating plus with nostalgia and all anything you watch when you are little just seems better than stuff you watch now!
  • So stupid its funny, just not very funy

    This is a show where as a kid I thought was one of the greatest things ever. But now as I watch it over 10 years later I often wondered what in the hell was wrong with me. This is ridiculous, the host is one of the stupidest people I have ever seen. I cant stand his voice nor his uber excitement over nothing. Oh and that rock face thing is just as stupid. The events were stupid, the kids were stupid, the team names were stupid, and then end event was stupid. This show was very addicting back then, but now I would rather die then watch this.
  • Or, WHY doesn't DIRECTV have Nick GAS?!

    I remember watching a few game shows on Nickelodeon, such as "Legends of the Hidden Temple" and "Global GUTS." What I'm wondering is, since these shows are on Nick GAS, a digital channel, which you'd expect to be on most satellite and digital cable providers, why doesn't DIRECTV have it? They have Nick, Nick at Nite, and Noggin/The N, so why not add Nick GAS to the list? It won't kill them if they try...
  • This show is great bring it back.

    This show was great and always surprsing with new twist and things popping out at anytime it was wreckless and anything could happen. The show was so good why was it cancelled? It was The best and you can get into. Describing this show is easy it is Awsome ! !
    Bring it back!
  • I liked the voice that did the stories. That was my favorite part.

    It wasn't something that you had to work your way into to like. You either liked it, or you didn't. Basically, the episode would circulate around a particular ancient story that happened (I think...) and some sort of artifact that may or may not have actually been important. (I'm sure.) The kids had to go around collecting golden peices to use in the end challenge so that when they got caught by the "Temple Guardians" they could distract them long enough to get away. Which always scared me. I don't know about the rest of you, but when those guys just popped out of the trees, I was seven and I was TERRIFIED! A really great kids show.
  • One of the best kid game shows ever

    I enjoyed this show alot when on TV. One of the few shows that forced the contestants to not only have alot of athletic ability to win, but brains to answer trivia questions as well as think on your feet when solving a puzzle.

    Seriously, how cool is that? Only reason I cannot rate this show any higher than a 7 is because most of the games leading up to the Temple run were subpar at best. However, the Temple run more than made up for it.

    I just loved that part, even more than Aggro Crag. While that mountain climb looked exhilarating, the temple run was just freakin epic. It was a race against the clock, trying to solve the puzzles to get the treasure and then vamoose out of there as fast as you can before the 3 minutes was up.

    And that music while it played? If that didn't get you pumped and cheering, nothing will. One of the best themes I've ever heard for a game show.

    I would have loved to been on this show. Just the thought of testing my skills against Olem's temple makes my hair stand on end in excitement. Such a shame they never converted those props into a ride at a theme park. I would have gone on it over and over had it been at Disney land or Knotts.

    All and all, this show clearly is underrated. It does not get the respect it deserves.
  • Okay,I think this show is okay.

    This show is pretty good on Nick Gas and it's much better than that terrible Nickelodeon GUTS.I pretty much like the temple that they must do to get some prizes and they must get the thing that's the thing in the story.Well,it's kind of good,but not better than Get The Picture or Figure It Out.I mean,they have prizes,but they don't have the ads at the end of the show.Well,it's still pretty much good and it's not that bad for me.I kind of like this show and it's really better than the worst game show ever Nickelodeon GUTS and it's good.
  • Contests for kids that resemble an Indiana Jones movie.

    The only reason i ever watched this show was because my cousins enjoyed it very much, we would watch it while were having lunch and from then on, i started to like it. The show is basically your contests show but aimed to the younger audiences. Things i like about the show: the big god or spirit of the forest that talks to all the contestantsand gives them the rules and other informations throughout the show. What i dont like is that the tests are not very hard or even difficult to accomplish.

    A great show but it needs a little fine tuning.
  • A group of teams of two compete in physical and mental tasks to try to get to the "temple games", in which two teams face off, and one enters Olmec's Temple.

    LotHT was really more interesting to me as a kid than it is to me now, I'll just say that right away. I don't know if it's because of how often it's played on Nick Gas or what, but I just don't like this show nearly as much as I did - there may be well over 100 episodes, but it seems like I've seen the same 10 over and over again on Nick Gas. Still, LotHT was and still is a very fun show to watch. The set looks great, the stories are ( usually ) interesting and quite informative, and was a definitely educational and fun TV show - one of the few to do that on Nickelodeon and be successful at the same time.
  • Teams competed for the right to enter Olmec's temple and retrieve an artifact from a history story.

    I started watching this show when I was in middle school since it was the only thing on while I was getting ready for school. It is a very interesting show to watch. There are six teams that compete in different events and answer questions to a history story in order to earn the right to enter Olmec's temple and retrieve an artifact. One thing I find interesting about this show is the history. You could watch this show and learn something about history at the same time. In a way, it's educational. I always found the ending stressful. Olmec's temple is very interesting, but it's kind of nerve wracking. The team only has three minutes to retrieve the artifact and get out. Most of the teams don't make it. I always thought they rigged it so the kids wouldn't be able to win.
  • The best old school kids game show of all time

    I love this show so much it was the fave show when i was a kid fave game show that is back in a time where nick rocked this world to a core with shows like pete and pete saulte your short double dare and of course legends of the hidden temple this show was a little boring during the question stage but the final course was so cool i use to dream about it being able to play in this course and win which very rarely happens and get a kick a$$ prize and i woulod not have lost thats for sure i know im not the only one who loves this show it was damn good back in the day and if you have the network GAS then you can still watch it everyday
  • I grew up with this show

    Legends of the Hidden Temple was on when I was a kid. I loved it then and I'm sure if it was ever re-tooled and brought back I'd love it now. From what I can remember, I liked the tasks that the teams had to perform and the part where they had to go through the hidden temple, I remember being very cool when I was younger. Plus, I was always jealous of the prizes that they won. Now I might not be as interested in that but I'm sure I'd like the show, even if I'm not 8 anymore.
  • Legends of the Hidden Temple was such an awesome game show when I was a kid.

    Now I'll watch it every once in a while, but it gets boring. Nick Gas overplays it and I am sick of it. It starts out with 6 teams trying to make it to the temple games. Four teams make it and the other 2 get some Nesquik or something like that. Then they do the steps of knowledge. Olmek reads them a ancient story and they have to stomp their feet and answer the right question. Two teams advance, two teams get a pair of Sketchers! Then the temple games, there are 3 rounds and the first two are for half pendants of life used for the temple, and the third is for a full pendant. One team makes it, one gets a skooter or something among that nature. Then they go in the temple, and they usually lose. But when they win you are shocked! I used to love this show as a kid. I still love but kind of corny.
  • It's a good show..... I guess.

    Legends of the Hidden Temple is a Nickelodeon Gas Game Show for kids. The host is Kirk Fogg. There are six teams, the Red Jaguars, Blue Barracudas, Silver Snakes, Purple Parrots, Orange Iguanas, and the Green Monkeys. My favorite team is either Red Jaguars or Silver Snakes. Then, I like the Blue Barracudas. I do watch this show, but I am sick of it because it is on 10 times a day. My brother watches it like 7 times a day. It does get annoying, that's why I gave it an 8.7. I liked this show before my brother started watching it, but I am really sick of it now.
  • nice one!

    i used to watch this show when i was a little kd.i once wanted to participate in this game where you put your skills to the test.too bad they stopped producing eps of this series.it\'s a great show especially the part where you get to cross the temple with the talking head made of stone.you get to look for keys or scan around for some secret buttons to unlock the next room.it\'s just full of excitement.but you canfeel disappointed if the time runs out and the player does\'nt win the game.i don\'t remeber much of the show but i guarantee you that this is sch an excellent show!
  • A TV show game where people compete for the right to enter Olmec's temple so they can retrieve the lost item within the temple.

    In this TV show there are six teams competing for the right to enter the hiddem temple of Olmec. To enter they must pass tough physical and mental challenges. The first part of the show is the six teams trying to cross the moat of the temple, the first four to do so will move on to the steps of knowledge where Olmec tells them a stroy and they have to answer questions about the story, the first two teams to answer four questions correctly move on to the temple games. In the temple games the two teams have to pass 3 games. 2 individual and 1 team game. In the individual games the two teams have one teamate competeing against each other the team that wins the challenge gets half a pendant of life, you need these to keep going on to the temple. The team challenge is worth a Whole pendant of life. The team thaqt has the most pendants of life move on to the temple. In the temple the team has 3:00 minutes to get the item out of the temple but there are myan temple guards within the temple that can take the pendants and if they catch you without a pendant then they are taken out of the temple and it is the other teamates turn to try and retrieve it.
  • umm... interesting

    i used to love tis show... i remember getting from school everyday and my bro and i would just run to the tv and demand to have our luch there just so that we could watch it while we ate.. we used to choose the team we'ed "support" and everything... then the day came when we got the chance to be in the show.. i was a blue barracuda haha very funny... we got to the elimination rounds but didn't get enough tokens to get in the temple.. but we still won a few prices... i don't know why i liked it so much... plus- the head is crepier in person!
  • I thought that I can only get on tilt when playing poker. This movie has the same effect...oddly.

    I thought that I can only get on tilt when playing poker. This movie has the same effect...oddly. This is definitely a pleasant surprise. I will surely look forward to more of Legends Of The Hidden Temple from now. It just shows you that on any given day, you can discover something refreshing and new. Lucky moi.
  • Legend of the Grand Gameshow

    Legend of the Hidden Temple is some of the best gameshows from Nickolodeon. Sadly, it is no longer on the air. But when it was, it was a sight to see. Kids had to use their strength and smarts to solve puzzles, continue towards the temple, and collect prizes worth a lot. I regret that I am too old to partisipate in this, but I still love this series. This is just one of the many gameshows that desires to be resurrected. People want kids to get out and become active. Well, this gameshow will help them do just that.
  • A Genius Game Show

    Legends of the Hidden Temple was probably the coolest game show around. The temple design was great and the the games were very well thought out and stayed true to the theme. The temple run part, though, was actually a little bit shitty and unfair at times but it was nonetheless entertaining.
  • Educational and Interesting

    Very interesting show about the past! Quite awesome
  • Great show about guys in costumes who take kids from temples!!!

    Every part of this show was great. I love the ending it was the best. My only really big dislike about it is that the kids were some of the dumbest kids that they pulled off the streets. I remember sitting there yelling at the television telling them where to go even though they couldn't hear me. I really like this show and they should definetly bring it back. Kirk Fogg was a dork.
  • great show

    I remember watching this show when I was young, and for years all I ever wanted was to be on it. Sadly, no such luck.

    This was a fun show that kept me and a million other kids coming back every week. I'm afraid I'll have to correct a previous reviewer that this show consisted of six teams and four rounds, not four and three. To trim the fat down to four, the teams had to cross a "moat" using some cleverly named "ancient" apparatus. Once across, four teams would listen to a giant stone head tell them a "legend" (normally a story from history, occassionally mythology), and answer questions on it. The crux of the game was an object from the "legend" placed in the temple. After that, the two remaining teams would do battle against one another to enter the temple. Prizes were won if the team retrieved the object.

    Whenever I flip around and see reruns of this, I smile and remember my younger days. While this show of course won't have such meaning for anyone else who today watches it, it's always fun to suspend reality and root along something that happened 5-10 years ago. This show would still work if it were produced today (the target audience wouldn't care about repetition) just as it did then. A nostalgic show for me, a nice time for virtually anyone.
  • An old favorite...

    I am currently 17 years old. While surfing the millions of channels that make up digital cable, I came across Nick GAS, and subsequently this show. Something about it seemed familiar, but at the time I just couldn't place my finger on what it was.

    Then suddenly, it struck me. This is the first television show I distinctly remember watching as a child. I would leave my friends' houses early just to watch it.

    Watching this show so much later in life reminds me why I loved it as a kid. It was an exceptionally exciting show, with different rooms and challenges every week. As a lover of the show, I highly recommend it to any parents interested in introducing the action/adventure genre to their children.
  • I miss this show! But now I get to watch it on GAS!

    Definitely a childhood favorite. But now that I can see it again after all these years I can look at it differently. Like, Olmec getting pissed when interrupted during the Steps of Knowledge and the fact that he's voiced by Dee Bradley Baker and does all the voices. Kirk is a nerd and some of the Legends are sketchy. Otherwise, it's great.
    My fan fic of Genghis Kahn's helmet is way better than the original!!
  • Six teams of two kids, competing in physical and mental tasks to compete in the most exciting end-game in kids gameshow history.

    Choose one cancelled show that I could bring back, and it would be this! The tracks in the back fit the show perfectly, Olmec is cool and the set looks spectacular. At the beginning of the show, Olmec mentions a historic figure and an item used by them. From a creative moat crossing, to hearing the legend and answering questions about it at the Steps of Knowledge, to the immaginative Temple Games, to the climax of the show in the fast paced Temple Run, this show will have you watching from beginning to end. There were just two problems: the prizes needed to be better, and the host was lame. Fix those two problems and update the show, and it will become an instant favorite all over again, just like it was when I saw it for the first time in 1993.
  • Good Show. Love It.

    I wish Directv had Nick GAS so I can watch my faovrite shows. Thats not fair. And I have to wait until Directv gets another slot and put in Nick GAS. Bring back Nick GAS for Directv. Someone needs to petition Directv and ask them to put Nick Gas on their Satelite Dish instead of waiting and comfirming that they will put it in and showing all of our old shows that we loved so much.
  • man i loved this show!

    this show is so good! i mean i remember when i used to catch the reruns of this show early in the morning. i never seem to get tired of this... its so fun! i also remembered a time when i used to imagine i was a contestant... you know looking for the treasure in the temple! but is it that suprising when the temple guards catch you, i mean all the contestant seemed so shocked or something. in any case this has got to be one of the most entertaining shows!
  • I loved this show!

    Legends of the Hidden Temple was my favorite gameshow on Nickelodeon. I don\'t know what it was that I like about it so much but I loved it and I still love watching it on Gas when I get the chance. Each episode had a different story and it was always fun. My favorite part of the show was at the end when they went into the temple. It was like a rush watching it lol. You never knew when a temple guard was going to jump out. I did and still do yell at the screen when the kids are in there telling them to hurry up or go a different way. This show is awesome.
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