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  • One of the best game shows of all time.

    This is one of my favorite classics. The show was just OK until the end which I've always known as the most exciting 3 minutes in television. Two people had to run through a large temple inhabited by the dreaded temple guards in order to find a treasure. They had several puzzles on the way. It was always fun to sit at home and watch the contestants try to get through. Most people thought that they could do better. It was sad when a team got the treasure and couldn't get out. This was a great show. I was watching this show every day on Time Warner Digital Cable but we switched to DirectTV and they don't have Nick GAS. I wish they did!
  • Was one of my favorite game shows. I think if this show, and other classic game shows were on today, then I think Nickelodeon can be saved from utter destruction.

    This was my favorie show back when I was around 7. In those days, Nickelodeon was a masterpiece. All of the best classics were on at that time. Now, today Nickelodeon is crumbling apart. All of the best game shows never really run anymore on Nickelodeon. This upsets me because the game shows were alot more entertaining than the cartoons. Today, Nickelodeon mostly plays cartoons. Most of these cartoons are great, but only less than half of them play today. I really want Legends of the Hidden Temple back on TV. When it came on around this time last year, I was exstatic. I would always get up early to watch this show. I like the gameplay, and stories. Olmec tells the stories very clearly, and they are enjoyable. I actually learned a couple of things from these stories. My favorite team was the Purple Parrots, they were not as good as some of the teams, but I still enjoyed them. I wish I could've participated in the show, I think I would have had a great time playing, and making friends. The bad thing is this show did not last long last year. It only played for about 2 weeks, then never played again. I was furious. PLEASE Nickelodeon, put this show back on TV, I really miss it.
  • A show where 6 teams of 2 kids compete against each other in ancient trivia questions and other obsticals.

    I like this show because it was unique in it's own special way. It had sports and trivia and i liked the way the kids had to work together to get what they want. The temple was the best part of the show. It was cool when people won but kind of disappointing when they lost. I watch it everyday on Nick GAS and I used to watch it on NICK back in the mid-90s.
  • Im so glad ive got digital, i can watch the classica gameshow i grew up watching.

    Legends of the hidden temple was and STILL is a personal favorite, i was SO mad wen they took that, GUTS, and double dare 2000 off the air. I strived from watching nickelodean again.

    Luckily i got digital cable and now i can watch it all the time, with OTHER favorite classic nick shows that i loved. How coul;d they ever cancle such great shows man?!
  • Best game show.

    You honestly need to put Legends of the Hidden Temple back on the air. Some of us dont have either comcast or direct tv, and really would like to watch this show. i mean, i live for this show. All of the shows on Nickgas, are amazing. bring them back! Nick you rocked with this show.
  • awesome nick game show

    This was definately one of the better nick game shows out there. It is second only to double dare. The events were always cool to watch, and the story told could be pretty interesting, too sometimes. I also liked all the different types of teams there were. Go Blue Barricudas! The temple itself wasn't a bad watch either. This was actually the only game show I ever wanted to on! The only bad thing I can think of about this show is that the prizes were really cruddy. They definately could have done better with them. That doesn't stop me from wanting the show aired again!
  • hehe...silver monkeys...

    Sorry had to gain my composure.... Anyway legends of the hidden temple is a well done show.I like the silver snake team the best. The snake on the shirt looks cool.Kirk Fog did a good job hosting and so did the temple guy[I forgot his name.It's been a LONG time!]They also give you a quiz which I usually pay NO attention to it at ALL!But I sometimes listen when I'm bored...My favorite room of the temple is the shrine of the silver monkey.That's where they have to resemble the pieces of a monkey together.I'm sad when nick GAS went off the air because now I'll probably never see it again. *sigh*:[
  • i would really like it if you brough Legends of the lost temple back onto normal programming. if you brought it to a channel i had, i would watch it often.

    i loved this show. i used to watch it every day after i got home form school. i see that it is still on Nick\'s GAS, but i dont have GAS so i cant watch it. but i promise you if u put it on a station like Discovery kids or even normal Nickalodian i would watch it every day several times a day. this was show entertainging and i even learned thing form it. you need to put it back on the air, on a station everyone has. i know a few of my friends would watch it if they could. even my parents used top watch this with me. this show was fun and inventive, yes you might have to show re-runs, but since they havent been seen in a long time, no one would remember them anyways. and if you really wanted to try hard im sure you could re-build the set and get a new olmec and a new host and make some new episodes. this show is way to much fun to take off the air, or a put on a channel that almost no-one has. you really ought to bring it back.

    thank you for your time,
    Erin C.
  • How did they come up with the idea for this Nickelodeon game show? It's both educational and entertaining at the same time. Even the music hard in the show is really cool. GREAT SHOW!

    Legends of the Hidden Temple is one of the greatest game shows Nickelodeon has ever created. Olmec, the giant talking stone head, is the main attraction. He presents exciting legends and describes an artifect that is in the of the many rooms in the Temple.

    Six teams compete to enter the Temple by going through difficult physical and mental challenges. The Moat and the Temple Games are more in the physical area, and the Steps of Knowledge is more mentally challenging because you have to pay close attention to the legend Olmec talks about. The Temple Run is the ultimate challenge. You have to navigate yourself from room to room doing the missions to unlock the door that would lead to the next room. While you try to get to the room where the missing artifect is, you must watch out for those evil Temple Guards that could take you out. The Pendents of Life you help you get past them if you have one. . Once a team member finds the missing object, all the doors are open and the Temple guards are gone.

    I like the team names, Purple Parrots, Silver Snakes, Green Monkeys, etc. Legends is in the top-three best Nick GAS shows.
  • Truly fascinating and intriguing beyond all compare. The style of this show is classic and authentic.

    This show was one of my favorite shows to watch when I was just a kid. I would watch this show almost every single day because it literally peaked my interest with the way Olmec relayed the legends accurately to the teams on the Steps of Knowledge, while the teams were listening they were doing all they could to remember key points in the legends that were told to them. Of Course, the Temple Run was the cherry on top especially with the winning team running through the temple , racing against the clock to claim the treasure. Truly awesome.
  • Love the show it's good to see kids working and answering questions to compete and win. Its a great family show, and the kids love it. will there be new shows soon, the repeats are old.

    love the show it has been very educational for everyone. this is great for all ages, would love to see a super grand show with 14-16 yr olds. lets see how smart they really are. Love the show it's good to see kids working and answering questions to compete and win. Its a great family show, and the kids love it.

    will there be new shows soon, the repeats are old.

    keep up the great job.

    I could see this on the road as a promotional campaign. lets get this one going. Hit all the schools around the country get sponsers to pay for there trips. yahoo.

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  • Six teams played a game. Then the top four teams after that played on the Steps of Knowledge. Next, the two remaining teams played the Temple Games. Then the winning team had three minutes to get the Legend Item and come back out.

    I love this show. It stopped airing when I was four. I hope it comes back, because I really want to go on it. I hope it can be brought back. I give this show two thumbs up! The reruns they have on are cool, but I would love to see some new ones, you know. In fact, Legends is fixing to come on. I watch it every day it\'s on. Legends is the most awesome game show I have ever watched. Once again, I plead that you please bring this show back on the air.
  • Best Nick game show ever!

    I love this show! This was one of my all-time favorite shows growing up, and I want them to remake it! Six teams compete to get across the mote. Four advance and go to the Steps of Knowledge. Two advance from there to go into the Temple Games to earn Pendents of Life. One team makes it into the temple and gets a chance to win fabulous prizes. The six teams are the Red Jaguars, Blue Barricudas, Green Monkies, Orange Iguanas, Purple Parrots, and Silver Snakes. Thank you for listening to my opinion about Legends of the Hidden Temple. :)
  • This is a game show where several teams of two competed to make it to the temple at the end of the show where they had to find the treasure mentioned in the legend at the the beginning of the show

    Where to begin. I started watching this show some 10 odd years ago. I was automatically hooked. I ran home every day just to see if the treasure would be recovered from the temple at the end of the show. My absolute favorite team is The Blue Barracudas who most of the time had a good team.

    At the beginning of the show there were six teams of two and they had to cross the moat by doing something like paddling in a tire or climbing across a rope. The first four teams to make it across moved on to the steps of knowledge where the legend was told. Teams had to answer questions about the legend they were told. Every time they got one right they would move down a step. Only the first two teams that made it to the bottom moved on to the Temple games. There were three temple games and each time you won one you got a half or full pendant and at the end of the Temple games the team with the most pendants went to the temple. If there was a tie there was a tie-breaker qusetion which awarded no pendants. The team that won went to the temple to get the treasure. They had three minutes and there were 12 rooms. In three rooms there were temple guards ready to spring out and take a pendant. If the kid didn't have a full pendant he was taking out of the temple for the other kid to try to retrieve the treasure. If the treasure was reached, all the doors were unlocked and the kid had to get out before time expired. If they got out with the treasure in time they got prizes like a trip to Mexico and what not.

    I remember how sad I was when they stopped airing LotHT. But when I found Nick Gas all those good memories came back. Nick Gas is a channel on Dish Network and some cable companies. If you have a chance to watch this show you will become hooked like me.
  • A Classic Nick Game Show

    Legends of the Hidden Temple is one of the best game shows EVER. It makes History seem a whole lot funner than it really is. Olmec, the talking rock thing, is one of my favorite things about the show. I really don't know why. My favorite team was always the Silver Snakes just because the name sounds good. The challenges were cool and fun to watch. My favorite part of every episode was when they go into Olmec's temple. They had to dodge the temple guards and everything. This show is great. I'm so glad that it's back on Nick even though it is at 6:30am. A truly classic show that should still be going strong. Nick you are best.
  • A classic. Should also be on Game Show Network, or Discovery Kids! (if they get premission from Nickelodeon)

    This is a fun game show and you will get hooked to it! Game Show fans will love this! Very enjoyible! Someone who thought of this had a great idea! Very educational on history at sometimes. Bring it back on Nick! Direct TV dosen't have Nick GAS. Only the others.
  • Legends of the Hidden Temple

    I love this show, I used to be able to watch it on Gas but we dont have digital any more, my favorite team was the green monkeys, mainly because my favorite color is green, I liked all of the games and the temple rooms where neat, ole mac was cool very knowledgeable,My favorite nick game show.
  • Loved this show as a kid.

    Great show.
  • Legends of the Hidden Temple is one of the few shows that Nick had that were both non-animated and interesting to watch at the same time. Kirk Fogg was great as the host, and as always, Olmec provided killer advice for the temple.

    The reason why I say that this show is "Underappreciated" and not asking it to be "Brought Back" was because as I watched some of the later shows in 1995, I noticed that the audience was not as excited and enthusiastic about the show as they were in the first and second years of the series. My favorite part of the show is always the end, whether it's somebody who has no clue where they are going and you're yelling at your TV, "Go that way, That way!" or you're watching somebody who is just dominating the temple and finishing it with more than a minute left. My favorite two episodes, are where the Orange Iguana's won the temple right as the clock hit 0:00. I recall the kid diving down what few stairs he had left to make sure that he was across before time ran out. I really miss those exciting finishes. Actually, the next best thing would be those heartbreakers, where they were so close to winning but were just a few feet away. I do wish they would put this show back on TV and air the re-runs for all to see, but I would not be in favor of them re-making the series, like Nick did for GUTS.
  • The shuh-RHINE! of the Silver Monkey...

    This show was awesome. I can't remember another game show I would drop everything to go watch, and I still enjoy catching the reruns. Maybe it's because Legends of the Hidden Temple attempted to have something no other game show did: a story. In every episode the kids would hear a legend about a treasure ending up in the temple. It was total hooey but it was fun, and it gave it a little edge over other shows where the contestants just did stuff. My fondest memory is the one that makes up my little summary, of the talking stone face always over-pronouncing the name of that one room. Shows just how weird I am, I guess.
  • A great game show that anyone of any age can watch!

    I used to be a big fan of this show, trying my best to watch it every day seldom throwing a few fits! The challenges were well set up especially the team names (Red Jaguars, Blue Baracudas, Orange Iguanas, Green Monkeys, Purple Parrots, and Silver Snakes). I learned a lot about ancient cultures. You never knew what team would get through what, even though you lose you still get a prize. The best part was the temple run, it was nail-biting as you never knew where a temple guard was lurking or what door could open to which etc. I will recommend this show to anyone. You can now watch some on youtube if you are lucky enough.
  • Well here is how the show works:

    1. The Teams
    In each episode, there are six teams of two kids competing towards victory. These six teams are named the Red Jaguars, the Blue Barracudas, the Green Monkeys, the Orange Iguanas, the Purple Parrots, and the Silver Snakes, each wearing their respective colored shirts with a yellow animal logo on the front. Each team consists of one boy and one girl, and they need to work together through difficult physical and mental tests to progress as far as possible in each round.

    2. The Moat
    The first challenge is "The Moat," which is a wide pool the contestants have to cross as quickly as possible, while keeping in mind the restrictions of that day's specific challenge. These are of a wide variety--sometimes the challenge is as simple as crossing the water on an inflatable "lily pad," while other times it requires massive amounts of equipment, including large fishing nets and "ancient Babylonian Wheels". Whatever the challenge, the teams need to cross the moat as quickly as possible. The first four teams to do so and hit their color "gong" at the end progress onto the next round.

    3. The Steps of Knowledge
    With two teams eliminated, the next challenge is the "Steps of Knowledge". The four remaining teams stand at the top of a giant staircase four platforms tall. Olmec, the talking stone-headed sub-host, then tells a story about the episode's artifact, and how it ends up in the temple. He then reveals the artifact's exact location. After completing the story, the teams are quizzed on what was said. Olmec reads a multiple-choice question related to the tale he told, and if one of the teams knows the answer, they can stomp down on an "ancient stone marking" in front of them to ring in with their response. (The "ancient stone marking" is really just a button embedded into the platform the contestants stand on.) If they answer the question correctly, they step down to the next level. If they are incorrect or if they run out of time, the other teams are given a chance to answer. A question can receive incorrect answers until two of the three original choices have been eliminated, at which point a new one is asked. Play continues like this until two teams make it to the bottom level, having answered three questions correctly before their opposition.

    4. The Temple Games
    The Temple Games is where the majority of the show takes place. Each temple game is a small physical challenge usually lasting sixty seconds, in which the two remaining teams compete against each other in order to win "Pendants of Life," which will be used later during the temple run. There are three temple games, and each is explained by either Olmec (in the Second and Third Seasons) or the host, Kirk Fogg (in the First). Like The Moat, these games feature a huge variety of challenges related to the artifact's history. The first two Temple Games are worth one half Pendant of Life and involve individuals from each team, while the third is worth a full Pendant of Life and requires the participation of both players from both teams. After the three games, the team with the greater amount of pendants advances to Olmec's Temple. If there is a tie, a quick tiebreaker round is played, where either Kirk Fogg or Olmec asks a final multiple-choice question and the first team to answer it correctly wins. It should be noted that in the first season, an incorrect answer automatically caused the other team to win. (Although not mentioned in the show, there are six main categories of Temple Games. For more information on these six types, click here.)

    5. Olmec's Temple
    The temple run is the finale of the show. The temple is a huge labyrinth of twelve rooms that each feature their own puzzles, such as pulling a golden book from a skeleton and placing a key found in a broken jar into a pedestal. (The rooms are arranged in two rows of six, with a few exceptions.) The show's artifact is placed in the room that Olmec had previously announced during the Steps of Knowledge. Before the run, a player from the winning team chooses to go first into the temple, and is given one pendant. The second member of the team is given the remainder that was won in the Temple Games. The team's objective is to retrieve that artifact by passing through each room up to its location. The challenge is that the doors are rarely configured in the same way for each episode, so a door unlocked in one episode may remain locked in another. The pattern of locked doors often forces the players to take very indirect routes to an artifact.
    Ready for a twist? Hidden inside the temple are the dreaded "mysterious Mayan temple guards" that protect three specific rooms of the temple. If the frontrunner is caught by a temple guard after entering a room with one inside, he or she has to surrender a Pendant of Life to the guard. If that player is caught a second time, he or she is taken out of the temple, and the other partner has to start at the temple gate and take over. Unless the team had managed to acquire two pendants in the Temple Games, a third temple guard encounter ends the temple run in whole at the moment of capture. The teams can combat this by searching for a hidden half pendant that, when found by the second player, is worth an extra life. This half pendant is only hidden if the team wins one and a half pendants in the temple games.
    If the team reaches the artifact, all of the doors in the temple instantly unlock, and the temple guards "vanish," at which point the contestant must make a mad dash toward the temple gate. If that player successfully passes through the gate with the artifact in his or her possession, the team has won; however, they have only three minutes to complete the temple run in its entirety, an especially difficult feat taking into effect the unpredictable nature of the many locked doors and dead-ends. (Teams manage to win in roughly 25% of the episodes.) Every winning team wins a vacation, and to console the unsuccessful contestants, smaller prizes are awarded both for entering the temple and reaching the artifact. In my opinion, the Temple Run is the most exciting three minutes on television, even if I have grown to know the outcomes after watching so many episodes.
  • A game show with a cool opstical course!

    This is the best game show in the whole world!!!! I love it! One good thing is it is all about excersise (which is something that now a day kids need!) But they were so cool! I remember as a kid wishing that I could be one of thoes kids, but I never was! But the best part of the whole show was the end when they got to go in the temple! It wasen't a real temple but it was much cooler! They would do all sorts of obstacles to get to the finish! Now that I think about it I don't remember anyone finishing.

    Man that show was so so so so so so so great when I grow up i want to make a place where i can make a version of all the great shows from back then Legend of the hidden temple. Guts, Figure it out and lots lots more that i can not even remeber it will be great and ill get rick and but a laser and take over earth oh did i say that out loud he he would you please for get that on my behalf thanks well that it the end of my review good bye.
  • This was Nick's best game show ever. Getting rid of it was one of the many steps that made Nickelodeon the horrible channel it is today.

    The Red Jaguars, Silver Snakes, Purple Parrots, Orange Iguanas, Green Monkeys, and Blue Baracuudas compete in a series of games based on an ancient legend that changes each episode. Then it ends wih a temple of 15 rooms each with a puzzle to open the next door, Temple guards expecting you to pay pendants, and a treasure sealed in one room. This was a fantastic game show wich not only is educational, but looks very fun, has sweet prizes, and kicks @%# so hard the foot gets stuck in the %^*#. I wish I was old enough to compete when it was still on.
  • My favorite game show.

    Along with a bunch of other shows that held my intrest as a child, Ledgens of the Hidden Temple is the best game show. I think its a very educational show for kids of all ages. I would watch this show everyday making no exceptions. My favorites teams were always The Blue Baracudas, The Green Monkey, The Purple Parrots, and The Silver Snakes. Whenever it was the 4 of them on the steps of knowledge I always root for the silver snakes. I think this show is great it should have never been cancelled and I continue to watch reruns of this show each day on Nick GAS
  • Why would you get rid of such a classic.

    Legends of The Hidden Temple a classic team work competition. I never did get a chance to compete in this competition like I always wanted to. Through this I learned a lot about history. I remembered when I was a lot young me and my friends would go and pretend that we were on the show. But we said that we did this to train so we could win in that game show. When I heard that it wouldn't be aired I was sad. I mean it was an awesome show, how anybody could not like it! It was amazing it added a sense of danger to all that they did. It also taught kids teamwork and showing them that they can accomplish anything they want to but sadly it would for me...
  • The greatest Nickelodeon game show i'v ever seen and it beats the other Nickelodeon game shows.

    Why did Nick cancel this show? it was one of my favorite nick shows ever! It also kind of scary when a temple guard pop out of nowhere and you didn\'t know what room he would be in. My favorite part of the show is when they do the steps of Knowledge because I would watch the show and answer the questions. Now, I can watch it everyday because I\'d got cable last month on my birthday. I think they should bring it back to nick because it\'s a cool game show.
  • You honestly need to put Legends of the Hidden Temple back on the air. Some of us dont have either comcast or direct tv, and really would like to watch this show. i mean, i live for this show. All of the shows on Nickgas, are amazing. bring them back!

    Legends of the hidden temple is one of the best game shows/shows ever that i have watched. I have to go to my grandparents or my friends house though to watch it becuase they have either comcast or direct tv. I dont have that, and i wish this show was back on cable. I bet you people would be watching it, i talk about all of the tv shows on nickgas: guts Legends of the Hidden Temple, Figure it out, and more, but all of those, we all like to watch. Bring back Legends of the Hidden Temple. maybe that and GUTS. PLEASE.
    thank you!
  • Best Game Show on Nickelodeon Ever.

    This is by far Nick's best game show ever. Sure, Mike O'Malley (Guts, Get the Picture, etc.) was a great host, as was Marc Summers (Double Dare, etc.).
    However, nothing had it all like Legends. Kirk Fogg was the perfect host... he really got into the show, and didn't hesitate to use some humor towards some of the not so bright contestants, and the storyline was a great idea for the game. I remember well the Moat, the 6 teams, and the final temple run. It was just amazing
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