Legends Of The Hidden Temple

Nickelodeon (ended 1996)





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  • A TV show game where people compete for the right to enter Olmec's temple so they can retrieve the lost item within the temple.

    In this TV show there are six teams competing for the right to enter the hiddem temple of Olmec. To enter they must pass tough physical and mental challenges. The first part of the show is the six teams trying to cross the moat of the temple, the first four to do so will move on to the steps of knowledge where Olmec tells them a stroy and they have to answer questions about the story, the first two teams to answer four questions correctly move on to the temple games. In the temple games the two teams have to pass 3 games. 2 individual and 1 team game. In the individual games the two teams have one teamate competeing against each other the team that wins the challenge gets half a pendant of life, you need these to keep going on to the temple. The team challenge is worth a Whole pendant of life. The team thaqt has the most pendants of life move on to the temple. In the temple the team has 3:00 minutes to get the item out of the temple but there are myan temple guards within the temple that can take the pendants and if they catch you without a pendant then they are taken out of the temple and it is the other teamates turn to try and retrieve it.