Legends Of The Hidden Temple

Nickelodeon (ended 1996)





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  • How did they come up with the idea for this Nickelodeon game show? It's both educational and entertaining at the same time. Even the music hard in the show is really cool. GREAT SHOW!

    Legends of the Hidden Temple is one of the greatest game shows Nickelodeon has ever created. Olmec, the giant talking stone head, is the main attraction. He presents exciting legends and describes an artifect that is in the of the many rooms in the Temple.

    Six teams compete to enter the Temple by going through difficult physical and mental challenges. The Moat and the Temple Games are more in the physical area, and the Steps of Knowledge is more mentally challenging because you have to pay close attention to the legend Olmec talks about. The Temple Run is the ultimate challenge. You have to navigate yourself from room to room doing the missions to unlock the door that would lead to the next room. While you try to get to the room where the missing artifect is, you must watch out for those evil Temple Guards that could take you out. The Pendents of Life you help you get past them if you have one. . Once a team member finds the missing object, all the doors are open and the Temple guards are gone.

    I like the team names, Purple Parrots, Silver Snakes, Green Monkeys, etc. Legends is in the top-three best Nick GAS shows.