Legends Of The Hidden Temple

Nickelodeon (ended 1996)





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  • One of the best kid game shows ever

    I enjoyed this show alot when on TV. One of the few shows that forced the contestants to not only have alot of athletic ability to win, but brains to answer trivia questions as well as think on your feet when solving a puzzle.

    Seriously, how cool is that? Only reason I cannot rate this show any higher than a 7 is because most of the games leading up to the Temple run were subpar at best. However, the Temple run more than made up for it.

    I just loved that part, even more than Aggro Crag. While that mountain climb looked exhilarating, the temple run was just freakin epic. It was a race against the clock, trying to solve the puzzles to get the treasure and then vamoose out of there as fast as you can before the 3 minutes was up.

    And that music while it played? If that didn't get you pumped and cheering, nothing will. One of the best themes I've ever heard for a game show.

    I would have loved to been on this show. Just the thought of testing my skills against Olem's temple makes my hair stand on end in excitement. Such a shame they never converted those props into a ride at a theme park. I would have gone on it over and over had it been at Disney land or Knotts.

    All and all, this show clearly is underrated. It does not get the respect it deserves.