Legends Of The Hidden Temple

Season 2 Episode 4

The Apple Wood Amulet of Emiliano Zapata

Aired Unknown May 17, 1994 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

At the moat, one partner had to hang upside-down from a long rod and pull themselves across to the other side, then their partner would do the same. The Green Monkeys got off to a very fast start, with the Silver Snakes struggling to start. As the Blue Barracudas began to find a rhythm, Green hit their gong first. Silver started to get back on track while the Orange Iguanas had trouble moving. The Purple Parrots hit their gong next. Orange started moving again as the Red Jaguars then hit their gong as well. Blue then hit theirs a few seconds later. But then the judges ruled that Silver had been sent back across the moat by mistake, so they went on instead of Blue! 1.Green Monkeys 2.Purple Parrots 3.Red Jaguars 4.Silver Snakes

At the Steps of Knowledge, Purple answered the first two questions correctly before Green answered the next one right. Silver then answered Q4 right, with Green getting Q5 and Q6 right, putting them in the Temple Games. Red and Silver then answered the next two questions, then Red answered the next one right. Purple then got Q10 right, putting them in the Temple Games as well. 1.Green Monkeys 2.Purple Parrots 3.Red Jaguars 4.Silver Snakes

For the Temple Games, Purple introduced themselves as Jason and Simone, with Green introducing themselves as Olivia-Emma and Robert. The first game had the players swing on a rope and grab one of six pieces of a battle cry, stick it on a board until it spelled out the battle cry, "Tierra y Libertad". Purple started out with a slight lead, but then started to lose it as time went on. Green sped up as time went on, completing the battle cry with 15 seconds to spare while Purple only got three pieces, giving Green the half-pendant.

In the second game, the players had to push in three blocks on a wall, and use whichever went in as footholes to climb up and pull a clapper to ring a bell, then drop back down. Purple got off to a better start, moving up the wall, but Green began to inch back. But then they stumbled while Purple kept pulling and pulled the clapper down with 13 seconds left, giving them the half-pendant to tie it at one-half apiece.

In the third Temple Game, both partners had to hold onto a chute while it spun around and around, with the winner whoever had the most partners on at the end. Both Green and Purple looked shaky at one point or another, but they held on, even when it was going really fast near the end. Both teams got the full pendant, leaving both with one and one-half each, setting up a tiebreaker. Green quickly hit their gong first and answered right, giving them a trip to the temple.

Robert dashed in first in the Temple Run through the Ledges. He took the bottom tube into the Pit of Dispair, where he tried the door to the Throne Room. It didn't open, so he climbed up to Medusa's Lair, in which the other half-pendant sat on the actuator to the room. In the room, he ran into a Temple Guard with 2:24 left. He quickly put the snakes in the head and went into the King's Storeroom, where another Temple Guard took him away with 1:52 remaining.

Olivia-Emma raced up into the Temple, following Robert's path, unfortunately not grabbing the other half-pendant as she headed through to the King's Storeroom. She quickly found the key and the hole, taking her into the Shrine of the Silver Monkey. She hurriedly assembled the monkey and ran into the Viper's Nest, where she grabbed the amulet with 37 seconds left! She ran frantically out, climbing down from the Observatory to Medusa's Lair and into the Pit of Dispair. She jumped down in with 20 seconds to go! She crawled with a struggle into the Ledges with 11 seconds left! She crawled frantically through and hurried up the slide, and then jumped past Olmec with only 1 second left!!! It was the closest victory in the show, and they received a boom box, an encyclopedia, and a trip to U.S. Space Camp!