Legends Of The Hidden Temple

Season 2 Episode 4

The Apple Wood Amulet of Emiliano Zapata

Aired Unknown May 17, 1994 on Nickelodeon



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    • Olmec: Of the many leaders of the Mexican Revolution, the greatest of all was Emiliano Zapata, sometimes called the George Washington of Mexico. In the 1890's, when Zapata was a boy, a wealthy landowner came with his men and fenced off the villagers' orchard.
      Father: But Senor...
      Olmec: ...said Zapata's father in tears,
      Father: Without our orchard, we will starve.
      Landlord: Tough!
      Olmec: ...said the landlord.
      Young Emiliano: Don't cry, Father.
      Olmec: ...said Emiliano,
      Young Emiliano: I swear one day I will get it back for you.
      Olmec: Twenty years later, he went out into the field with eighty armed men. Zapata said...
      Emiliano: Landlord, this land belongs to our village. From now on, the people of our village will farm it.
      Olmec: Legend has it he cut a branch from an apple tree and whittled an amulet.
      Emiliano: I swear on the soul of my father I will not put this down until all of Mexico is free.
      Olmec: People from all over Mexico flocked to Zapata's side and he helped build a new Mexican Republic. When he died, the amulet disappeared. Your quest is to find The Apple Wood Amulet of Emiliano Zapata and bring it back here.
      Kirk: Okay, so tell us, where is The Amulet?
      Olmec: The Apple Wood Amulet of Emiliano Zapata can be found in The Viper's Nest.

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