Legends Of The Hidden Temple

Season 2 Episode 33

The Broken Wing of Icarus

Aired Unknown Aug 18, 1994 on Nickelodeon



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    • Kirk: (after the first Temple Game before counting how many birds the Green Monkey hung on the ceiling) That's a good position there. (audience laughs)

    • (The six teams are about to cross the moat.)
      Kirk: They're ready, Olmec. Are you?
      Olmec: Let's rock the moat.
      (Kirk laughs)

    • Olmec: One of the greatest inventors of all time was the mythical Greek, Daedalus. Held captive by an evil king, Daedalus built two sets of wings out of feathers and wax so he and his son, Icarus, could escape.
      Daedalus: Icarus...
      Olmec: ...said Daedalus,
      Daedalus: Don't fly too high, because the sun will melt your wings.
      Olmec: But once he was airborne, Icarus forgot his father's advice.
      Icarus: Look, Dad.
      Olmec: ...he said,
      Icarus: I can see the whole city from here. I'm going a little higher.
      Daedalus: No!
      Olmec: ...said Daedalus. But Icarus flew up where he can see the mountains and their terraced farms. A falcon passed above, and he flew up to meet it. Now he could see the distant ocean with waves crashing on its shore. His father was just a dot below calling...
      Daedalus: Icarus, Icarus!
      Olmec: But Icarus couldn't hear. According to Legend, an eagle called to him and then a cloud, and each time Icarus flew higher. But as he got higher, the sun got hotter and melted his wings. They broke apart, and he plunged down into the ocean. All that was left was a part of a feathered wing, which floated ashore. Your quest is to find The Broken Wing of Icarus and bring it back here.
      Kirk: Thanks, Olmec. Tell us, where is The Broken Wing?
      Olmec: The Broken Wing of Icarus can be found in The Shrine of the Silver Monkey.

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