Legends Of The Hidden Temple

Season 3 Episode 6

The Discarded Seal of Ivan the Terrible

Aired Unknown Oct 28, 1994 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

At the moat, the players had to set a wooden plank from the shore to a floating tube, then make it across. They would continue until the other side of the moat. It was close most of the way, with the Orange Iguanas and the Purple Parrots pulling ahead. Orange, then Purple, rung in as the first two teams. The Silver Snakes hit their gong a second later. The Green Monkeys then hit theirs just before the Blue Barracudas as the last team.
1.Orange Iguanas
2.Purple Parrots
3.Silver Snakes
4.Green Monkeys

At the Steps of Knowledge, all four teams answered the first four questions correctly. Orange then got the next two questions, putting them in the Temple Games first. Purple got Q7 wrong, and Green picked it up, and then got Q8 right, putting them in the Temple Games next.
1.Orange Iguanas
2.Green Monkeys
3.Purple Parrots
4.Silver Snakes

In the Temple Games, Green introduced themselves as Elisa and Travis, with Orange introducing themselves as Ashley and Jimmy. For the first game, the players had to crawl through a tunnel, coming up to find the first three letters of "Terrible" and put it onto a rack, then find the next three, and then the final three. If they grabbed the wrong one, they had to switch it with another. Both Green and Orange got "Ter" at the same time, then Orange got "Rib" with 42 seconds left. Green then got "Rib" and "Ble" on their next two tries, ending it with 32 seconds left, and giving them the half-pendant.

For the second game, the players had to load a ball onto a slingshot and launch it to knock over four columns. Green quickly got their first 2, with Orange getting 1. They both only just missed their next couple tries before Green got their 3rd, but Orange got their 2nd right after. Orange got one column to move but it wouldn't fall, and Green got their 4th just as Orange got their 3rd with 8 seconds left, giving Green another half-pendant, making it 1 pendant to none.

In the third game, one player had to toss a golden tube up to their partner, suspended by a harness. They would then glide over and drop it around a ring with an onion-shaped top. The objective was to get three of them. Orange struggled with this, only managing to get one. Green got all 3 tubes on with 22 seconds left, giving them the full pendant. They had 2 pendants while Orange had none, giving Green a trip to the temple.

In the Temple Run, Travis ran in first through The Crypt. The first skeleton worked and he went to The Pit of the Pendulum. After knocking over the column, he grabbed onto a rope and hoisted himself back up, saving a lot of time. He went into The Chamber of Sacred Markers, where he encountered a Temple Guard with 2:33 remaining. He matched the markers, and went down to The Tomb of the Headless Kings, finding the skull and heading to The Jester's Court with 1:54 left. The second painting worked and he went into The Dark Forest. He tried two trees before bashing into The Quicksand Bog. He started to the slide, but then took the ladder, leading him into The Shrine of the Silver Monkey, being caught by a Temple Guard with 1:14 remaining and taken out. Elisa raced in and followed his path, making it back to The Shrine of the Silver Monkey with 35 seconds left. She quickly assemble it and went to The Room of the Ancient Warriors, just one room away from the seal, with 16 seconds to go. But the first armor had a temple guard in it, delaying her much. She couldn't find the right armor when time expired. They still received an electric backpack for their efforts.

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