Legends Of The Hidden Temple

Season 3 Episode 6

The Discarded Seal of Ivan the Terrible

Aired Unknown Oct 28, 1994 on Nickelodeon



  • Quotes

    • Olmec: One of the most fearful Czars of Old Russia was Ivan the Terrible. He was a gifted soldier and a powerful leader who built an empire out of a series of independent Kingdoms. He built the famous onion domes of St. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow. But Legend has it that he wasn't always Ivan the Terrible. One day, he summoned his faithful advisor, Crankov.
      Ivan the Terrible: Crankov, I don't get enough respect around here.
      Crankov: What the heck you talkin' about, you nitwit?
      Ivan the Terrible: I need a tougher title than "Ivan the Kind." People take advantage of my kindness.
      Crankov: What kindness? So you gave me a Kingdom in the mountains. I deserved it. As a matter of fact, I would've preferred a Summer Palace in Minsk.
      Ivan the Terrible: Maybe something scary like, "Ivan the Horrible."
      Crankov: Yecch!
      Ivan the Terrible: "Ivan the Miserable."
      Crankov: Double Yecch! "Ivan the Awful?"
      Ivan the Terrible: That's terrible -- That's it! "Ivan the Terrible." Crankov, you're a genius. I shall have a new seal made immediately, and you shall have the old one as a souvenir.
      Crankov: Umm, about that palace in Minsk...
      Olmec: From that day forward, Ivan the Kind became Ivan the Terrible. But soon, he began to live up to his name. Crankov was exiled, and the Royal Seal ended up in The Temple. You must find The Discarded Seal of Ivan the Terrible and bring it back here.
      Kirk: Thank you, Olmec. Tell us, where is this Discarded Seal?
      Olmec: The Discarded Seal of Ivan the Terrible can be found in The King's Storeroom.