Legends Of The Hidden Temple

Season 1 Episode 6

The Golden Cricket Cage of Khan

Aired Unknown Jan 01, 1993 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

To cross the moat the first teammate had to swim across the moat on a boogie board then the second teammate had to stand on it and using a rope cross. Silver Snakes finished 1st, Blue Barracudas finished 2nd while the Red Jaguars finished 3rd leaving three teams to battle for the final spot. The Purple Parrots beat the Green Monkeys to the gong and moved on.
1.Silver Snakes
2.Blue Barracudas
3.Red Jaguars
4.Purple Parrots

On The Steps of Knowledge, the first four questions were all correct but one to each team. On question 5 Blue and Silver said the same exact thing. On question 6 purple moved onto the final step and Q7 led to Silver doing the same. Q8 Purple wins and Q9 Silver wins.
1.Silver Snakes
2.Purple Parrots
3.Red Jaguars
4.Blue Barracudas

In the Temple Games, Purple introuduced themselves as Michelle and Mike. Silver introduced themselves as Tia and John. The first game had them crawl through a tube, grab a piece of silk on top of the tube, and then go back to the beginning and pull it all the way through. It was neck-and-neck until Purple pulled ahead on the way back to win and get the half-pendant.

In the second game, the players had to climb up the inside of cages and place a cricket in the bin at the top. The objective was to get 5. Purple stayed with Silver and tied them by getting a fourth cricket in just before time was up, giving them both a half-pendant. Purple had 1 full pendant, Silver had one-half.

In the third game, the players were set up on harnesses. One partner had to grab a bag, pull themselves to the center. The other partner would grab the bag and they would slide back, dumping the bag into a bucket as they did. Then they did it again. Purple scrambled most of the time, and Silver won it by getting a fourth bag in just before time ran out, giving them the full pendant. Silver had 1 1/2, and Purple had 1, giving Silver a trip to the temple.

In the temple, John went first along the bottom floor to The Throne Room. He got caught by a temple guard, then after sitting on the throne, he started backwards into The Pit of Despair. He finally went back to The Throne Room with 2 minutes left, and then went up to The Heart Room, where he was caught by another temple guard and removed. Tia went in and made it back to The Heart Room with 1:10 remaining. After the door to The Room of the Golden Idols didn't open, she took the door back into The Pit of Despair. She scrambled around between The Pit of Despair, The Heart Room, and The Throne Room, making no additional progress the rest of the way. They still won a remote control car.