Legends Of The Hidden Temple

Season 2 Episode 3

The Golden Stallion of Ali Baba

Aired Unknown May 09, 1994 on Nickelodeon



  • Quotes

    • Olmec: One of the most famous woodcutters of Old Persia was Ali Baba. Legend has it that one day, he was out cutting wood in the forest, when he saw 40 horsemen ride up to a cliff.
      Leader: Open Sesame!
      Olmec: ...said their leader, and the cliff face slid aside, revealing a cave. The horsemen rode in, and the cave door closed behind them. Ali Baba crept down to the cave and waited until they left.
      Ali Baba: Open Sesame!
      Olmec: ...he shouted, and stepped inside. Golden treasure was piled everywhere.
      Ali Baba: These guys are thieves. I'm outta here!
      Olmec: And he took a little golden stallion with him. Back home, he told his brother, Bobby Baba, the story. Bobby went to the cave with five mules and loaded up. But he was so excited, he forgot the password.
      Bobby: Open Peanut?
      Olmec: ...he cried.
      Bobby: Open Safflower? Open Canola!
      Olmec: Nothing worked. When the 40 thieves returned, they did him in. The Golden Stallion stayed in Ali Baba's family for generations. Your quest is to find The Golden Stallion of Ali Baba and bring it back here.
      Kirk: Okay, Olmec, where is The Golden Stallion?
      Olmec: The Golden Stallion of Ali Baba can be found in The Shrine of the Silver Monkey.