Legends Of The Hidden Temple

Season 3 Episode 14

The Jeweled Scabbard of Sforza

Aired Unknown Nov 30, 1994 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

At the moat, the first partner of each team had to swing on a vine onto a net, without touching the water. They would grab on, climb over the net, drop down into the water, and climb out. Then their partner would do the same. The Blue Barracudas had a slim lead to start off. Then the Silver Snakes took control and crossed first. The Orange Iguanas and the Purple Parrots had trouble getting on the net. Blue crossed next, with the Red Jaguars crossing at almost the exact same time. Orange finally started moving, but the Green Monkeys crossed as the last team.
1.Silver Snakes
2.Blue Barracudas
3.Red Jaguars
4.Green Monkeys
At the Steps of Knowledge, Green answered the first question. Silver answered the next 2, and Green answered the next 2 to put them in the Temple Games first. Blue came alive and answered the next 3 questions to put them in the Temple Games next.
1.Green Monkeys
2.Blue Barracudas
3.Silver Snakes
4.Red Jaguars
In the Temple Games, Blue introduced themselves as Rebecca and R.C. Green introduced themselves as Lacey and Asher. The first game had them in a sky-ball arena. They had to take a rock on their side, jump up, throw it through a hole and land it in a net on the other side. Green took the early lead, but then Blue caught up. It was back and forth until it was tied at 8 with about 20 seconds left. Green got another one, and then nailed 3 in a row to clinch it, winning 12 to 10, giving them the half-pendant.
In the second game, each player had to stay on a fake horse, which were both shaken in an attempt to get them to fall off. If one player fell off, their opponent received a point. Green had trouble staying on the whole way and fell off four times, while Blue never fell off, giving them the half-pendant. Both Blue and Green now had one-half pendant.
For the third temple game, both partners on each team were tied to each other, with a wall separating them. One partner had to take a cannonball and throw it onto the chute above them. On the other side of the wall, their partner had to catch the cannonball before it hit the ground and place it in their crate. Since they were round, they rolled, and they always rolled out of the players' reach. As a result, neither team managed to catch a ball, giving them both a full pendant, giving them both a pendant and a half, resulting in a tiebreaker. Green rung in first and got the question right, giving them a trip to the temple.
At the temple, Lacey went in first into The Crypt, where a temple guard caught her. She was staggered and slowed down for a few seconds but then proceeded to The Pit of the Pendulum. She then went down to The Tomb of the Headless Kings, and then up to The Chamber of the Sacred Markers. After putting the markers together, she was caught by a temple guard with 1:36 remaining and taken out. Asher dashed in and went back to The Chamber of the Sacred Markers, and then up to The King's Storeroom with 1:07 left. He quickly found the key, and went down to The Room of the Ancient Warriors, where he grabbed the scabbard with 47 seconds left. He raced out along the top floor, almost tripping going through The Pit of the Pendulum, and made it out with 29 seconds to spare! They won a tennis racket, a portable CD player, and a trip to Jamaica!
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