Legends Of The Hidden Temple

Season 3 Episode 16

The Lion-Headed Bracelet of Chandragupta

Aired Unknown Dec 09, 1994 on Nickelodeon



  • Quotes

    • Olmec: One of the greatest warriors of Ancient India was Chandragupta, the first Indian Emperor. In 323 B.C., he raised an army of over half a million men and conquered one of the largest empires in history. But Chandragupta never thought he'd be Emperor. As a young man, he was a cattle herder. And legend has it that one night as he slept in the field with his friend, Jamba, and the herd, he felt a nudge.
      Chandragupta: Leave me alone, Jamba. It's not time to get up yet.
      Jamba: What are you talking about? I'm over here.
      Olmec: Chandragupta felt warm breath on his cheek and the nuzzle of a moist nose.
      Chandragupta: Daisy, go away. It's too early for milking.
      Olmec: But if it were Daisy, his favorite cow, he would've heard her cowbell. Suddenly, he sat bold upright and found himself nose to nose with an enormous lion. Terrified, he whispered to Jamba...
      Chandragupta: Jamba, help me. Quickly.
      Olmec: But just then, the lion bowed his head to Chandragupta and strolled away.
      Jamba: It is a sign. He who the lion salutes is destined to be king.
      Olmec: Indeed, the prophecy came true. Chandragupta adopted the figure of a lion for his golden bracelet, which years later found its way to The Temple.
      Your task is to find The Lion-Headed Bracelet of Chandragupta and bring it back here.
      Kirk: All right, thank you, Olmec. So tell us, where is this Lion-Headed Bracelet?
      Olmec: The Lion-Headed Bracelet of Chandragupta can be found in The Quicksand Bog.