Legends Of The Hidden Temple

Season 3 Episode 25

The Much-Heralded Helmet of Sir Gawain

Aired Unknown Jan 27, 1995 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

At the moat, both players had to climb onto a pilar suspended above the moat from the ceiling. They then had to swing over to the next one, and keep it up until reaching the other side. The Orange Iguanas, the Purple Parrots, and the Blue Barracudas got out in front, all hitting their gong almost simultaneously. The Red Jaguars and the Green Monkeys struggled getting from one pilar to the next, and the Silver Snakes crossed as the last team.
1.Orange Iguanas
2.Blue Barracudas
3.Purple Parrots
4.Silver Snakes

At the Steps of Knowledge, Orange, Blue, and Purple got the first 3 questions correct. Orange got Q4 correct, and Silver got on the board with Q5. Orange missed Q6, and Purple picked it up, and then got the next question to put them in the Temple Games. Orange answered Q8 correctly to go to the Temple Games as well.
1.Purple Parrots
2.Orange Iguanas
3.Blue Barracudas
4.Silver Snakes

In the Temple Games, Purple introduced themselves as Donna and Josh, and Orange introduced themselves as Jahmel and Tiffani. The first game had them bounce their way up a vertical maze. At the top, they would put a stained-glass window next to another one, and then climb back down. Purple was faster with the bouncing, and made it to the top first. They stumbled with the window, but had a good enough lead to make it back down first, giving them a half-pendant.

For the second game, they had to run out and grab a shield, and, without being hit by a large swinging ball, run back and drop it in a basket. The objective was to get four. Both Orange and Purple got the first two without trouble, but then stumbled trying to get the third. Purple was able to get it, making it 3 to 2 with 30 seconds left. Orange was patient and got their 3rd with 20 seconds left. Purple got hit going for their 4th, and Orange got their 4th with 4 seconds left, giving them the half-pendant, tying it at one-half each.

In the third game, both players were strapped onto a long impliment, where they had to reach up and grab a chaliss, and then drop it into a pot. Purple often bounced too high and couldn't get the timing when dropping the chalisses right. Orange bounced slowly and carefully and it worked for them. They finished with 8 chalisses, and Purple had 3. Orange got the full pendant, giving them 1 1/2 pendants, while Purple had 1/2, giving Orange a trip to the temple.

In the Temple Run, Tiffani ran in first into The Crypt, where the first skeleton worked. She spent a bit more time than necessary swinging in The Pit of the Pendulum. But after swinging, she grabbed onto a rope hanging from the wall and kept herself up, saving her a lot of time. She went into The Chamber of the Sacred Markers with 2:27 remaining. She moved a bit slowly in there before going into The Room of the Ancient Warriors. The third armor worked and she went to The Shrine of the Silver Monkey with 1:36 left. She hurriedly assembled it and took the door down to The Dark Forest. She found the key and went to The Jester's Court, where she grabbed the helmet with 53 seconds remaining! Forced to move slowly with such a big object, she moved out along the bottom for, making it to The Ledges with 25 seconds left. She seemed to disappear in the darkness before reappearing in The Crypt with 18 seconds left. She raced out that way, making it out with 12 seconds to spare! She was one of only 3 frontrunners to never encounter a temple guard, and they won bicycles, a color TV, and a trip to the Bahamas!

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