Legends Of The Hidden Temple

Season 3 Episode 29

The Mystical Spellbook of the Imperial Wizard

Aired Unknown Feb 24, 1995 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

At the moat, one partner had to swing on a rope and grab onto a net without touching the water. They would then climb over the net and drop in and get out. Their partner would then do the same. It started close, with the Silver Snakes getting a narrow edge. The edge widened, but Silver then got caught near the top with their second partner. The Purple Parrots got ahead and rang in first, with the Green Monkeys hitting theirs immmediately after. The Orange Iguanas had trouble keeping the rope as the Blue Barracudas hit their gong next. The Red Jaguars moved frantically to get across, but it was too little, too late as Silver rang in last. 1.Purple Parrots 2.Green Monkeys 3.Blue Barracudas 4.Silver Snakes

At the Steps of Knowledge, Green answered the first question right, and then Silver got the next 3 correct, putting them in the Temple Games first. Green then got Q5 correct, with Blue getting Q6 right. Green then answered the next question right, putting them in the Temple Games as well. 1.Silver Snakes 2.Green Monkeys 3.Blue Barracudas 4.Purple Parrots

For the Temple Games, Green introduced themselves as Katie and Jared, with Silver introducing themselves as Larissa and Michael. The first game had the players choose from 3 trees to step on. If one sunk, they had to go back and start again. They would keep trying trees until they reached the other side. Both teams sank after their fifth step to start off. Neither made it much farther until Silver reached the last step before falling in with 17 seconds left. Green hurried back, making it across with 4 seconds left, giving them the half-pendant.

In the second game, the players had to climb up a net, grab one of six ingredients, take it back down, and drop it into a bin. Silver started by knocking their first behind the net before getting back on track. Green moved flawlessly until knocking their last one behind the net. Green stumbled around for a moment before racing around the net to get it. Silver tried to get theirs as well, but Green dove and got their last one in with 5 seconds left, giving them the half-pendant, leaving Silver still with none.

In the third Temple Game, both players were separated by a large vertical maze, connected by harnesses in a groove. They had to move it through, dodging the obstacles until they could both pass through. They started off neck-and-neck until Green began to pull ahead. They kept pulling ahead of Silver, passing through with 9 seconds to spare. Green now had 2 pendants while Silver had none, giving Green a trip to the temple.

Jared raced in first in the Temple Run through the Crypt. After pulling all 3 books, he was forced to go down into the Ledges. He then took the bottom crawl tube into the Pit of the Pendelum, where he was forced to push over the column with his hands after falling down once. He was then forced to climb up the wall, where he ran up into the King's Storeroom with 2:00 remaining. With his unfortunate luck increasing, the third pot had the key and third hole opened the door to the Room of the Ancient Warriors, where a Temple Guard got him with 1:40 left. He proceeded into the Shrine of the Silver Monkey, where he sped up assembling the monkey. He then went down into the Dark Forest, where he wasted much unnecessary time trying to find a key that he didn't need. After much scrambling, he bashed into the Quicksand Bog, where a Temple Guard took him out with 48 seconds to go. Katie dashed in following his path, unfortunately missing the top door from the Ledges into the Pit, forcing her to climb the wall as well. She hurried through, smartly taking the open door to the Bog from the Shrine, but time ran out as she approached the slide. They still won a bicycle for their efforts.