Legends Of The Hidden Temple

Season 2 Episode 39

The Priceless Portrait of the Polynesian Girl

Aired Unknown Oct 04, 1994 on Nickelodeon



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    • Kirk: (as he interviews the boy Purple Parrot) And here are the mighty Purple Parrots. You're Chris? Chris: Yeah. Kirk: And, uh, Chris, uh, you collect baseball cards. You got a Michael Jordan in a White Sox uniform. Uh, you also collect old comic books. Um, but your favorite sport is baseball. Tell me about that. Chris: Yeah, I play short stop for the Bad News Bears in Hang City, but we haven't won a game. We're 0-5. Kirk: And that's why they call them the Bad News Bears. (audience laughs) You've seen the movie? Chris: Yeah. Kirk: Stop watching the movie.

    • Olmec: One of the greatest painters of the late 1800's was a Frenchman named Paul Gauguin. At 35, he was a successful stockbroker in Paris, but he wasn't enjoying himself.
      Gauguin: Tsk! My life is so dull. I do the same thing day in and day out.
      Olmec: Then one day, he went to an exhibit of a new kind of art called Impressionism. It was abstract and completely different from all the art he had ever seen.
      Gauguin: These paintings are so wild, so free. I must learn to paint like that.
      Olmec: He began painting at night. And soon, he quit his job so he could paint full time. He moved to Tahiti, a French Colony in the South Pacific, where he lived in a grass hut with a grass and mud floor and painted the Native Polynesians in the bright, primitive colors of their land. Legend has it, he gave a portrait to the girl who posed for it, and it stayed in her family for generations. Your quest is to find the Priceless Portrait of the Polynesian Girl and bring it back here.
      Kirk: Thanks, Olmec. But where is The, uh... Portrait?
      Olmec: The Priceless Portrait of the Polynesian Girl can be found in The Laser Light Room.

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