Legends Of The Hidden Temple

Season 3 Episode 31

The Red Sash of Tokugawa Ieyasu

Aired Unknown Mar 07, 1995 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • You can see when the frontrunner encounters the first Temple Guard that the second Barracuda prematurely takes off into the Temple, but somebody stops him.

    • When the frontrunner entered The Shrine of the Silver Monkey, the door to the Secret Password was opened (probably due to a production error) but she still assembled the monkey nonetheless.

  • Quotes

    • Olmec: One of the most skillful leaders of Old Japan was Tokugawa Ieyasu, founder of the Tokugawa Dynasty. In 1603, when Ieyasu became the Shogun or ruler of Japan, he was able to conquer all of the warlords who tried to resist him, except one, the Legendary Lord Yoritomo. Ieyasu gathered a huge army and savagely fought against the proud Yoritomo. For weeks, they battled. Finally, the castle fell, and Yoritomo, still unhumbled, was brought before Ieyasu in chains.
      Ieyasu: Yoritomo, do you know the penalty for disobeying the Shogun?
      Yoritomo: I'm grounded for two weeks with no T.V.?
      Ieyasu: Ordinarily, I insist on beheading.
      Yoritomo: But, Sire, my art collection.
      Ieyasu: Do not joke, impudent one. You are a brave warrior, and I know that your word is good. If you swear allegiance to me, I will restore your land and title, and spare your life.
      Olmec: Moved by Ieyasu's words, Yoritomo pledged his support. Legend has it, Ieyasu gave Yoritomo his red sash as a token of respect. And over the centuries, The Sash has made its way to The Temple. Your quest is to find The Red Sash of Tokugawa Ieyasu and bring it back here.
      Kirk: Thank you, Olmec. Tell us, where is this Sash?
      Olmec: The Red Sash of Tokugawa Ieyasu can be found in The Tomb of the Headless Kings.

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