Legends Of The Hidden Temple

Season 2 Episode 24

The Sacred Ring of Sultan Suleiman

Aired Unknown Jul 22, 1994 on Nickelodeon



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    • (Olmec explains the Second Temple Game.)
      Olmec: The palace that Roxellana and Suleiman lived in was called Topkapi, and in it were a number of rooms. You are going to follow Roxellana's path through the rooms of the Topkapi Palace. Before you are nine fountains, each of which is named after a room of the palace. In a moment, the water will spray from the holes in a special sequence. Your task is to remember that sequence. Then, place a marker in the first hole in that sequence. If you're right, nothing will happen and you will get a point. Otherwise, you'll be squirted with water. Then, you'll remove your stoppers and try again. The player with the most points wins.
      Kirk: Okay, all right, it's a... it's a big memory test. Olmec, let's begin by showing us the sequence.
      (As Olmec names the rooms in the sequence, the fountains spray one at a time.)
      Olmec: Dining room... Second Court... Divan... Throne Room... Golden Way... Carriage Gate... Eye of the Sultan... Grand Salon... and Treasury.

    • Olmec: One of the most powerful and feared women of the 1500's was Roxellana, Sultaness of the Ottoman Empire. She was a harem girl who became so powerful, she began a line of women rulers that lasted 100 years. Legend has it that one day, she came into the Throne Room.
      Roxellana: Suleiman...
      Olmec: ...Roxellana said,
      Roxellana: I have a little favor to ask you.
      Suleiman: Anything, my petal.
      Roxellana: Marry me.
      Suleiman: Marry you?!
      Olmec: ...gasped the Sultan.
      Suleiman: No Sultan has married in 200 years.
      Roxellana: Please...
      Olmec: ...said Roxellana, twiddling with his ear.
      Grand Vizier: Sire...
      Olmec: ...said the Grand Vizier,
      Grand Vizier: This woman has bewitched you. She wants the power of your throne. First, she wanted to eavesdrop on all your conversations.
      Roxellana: And a good thing, too. I heard him plotting to overthrow you.
      Olmec: Suleiman's face darkened.
      Suleiman: Take him away!
      Olmec: ...he shouted to his guards. The Sultan married Roxellana and gave her his sacred ring, which made her the most powerful woman in the Empire. Your quest is to find the Sacred Ring of Sultan Suleiman and bring it back here.
      Kirk: All right, thank you, Olmec. Tell us, where is The Sacred Ring?
      Olmec: The Sacred Ring of Sultan Suleiman can be found in The Dark Forest.

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